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Ideal travel companion for urban elites|BELL & ROSS BR 05 GMT

The square and round BR 05 series is a brand new series launched by BELL & ROSS in 2019. It breaks away from the brand’s past impression of professional military watches, and uses a neat and fashionable design style to create a new urban style. The BR 05 GMT watch launched this year is the latest member of this series. From design to function, it is closer to the urban elites of this series, and the concept of world travel has further expanded the scale of this series. It can be said to be the brand’s annual The most noteworthy key watches.

BR 05 GMT diameter 41mm, stainless steel case / BR-CAL.325 automatic movement / hour, minute, central seconds, second time zone 24-hour display, date, GMT / 100 meters water resistance

Let’s review the BR 05 series first. This is BELL & ROSS‘s newly expanded Urban product line in addition to its three main series of sea (diving watch), land (racing watch), and air (flight watch). The most critical product design uses a square with a round outline, plus a three-dimensional bezel like the Instruments series with 4 external screws, hour-mark fonts, and integrated strap, etc., with classic elements of brand recognition. You can immediately connect with the brand’s impression at a glance. It is worth mentioning that the case of this series is made by the G&F Châtelain watch factory under Chanel. The size is smaller, the lines are smoother and cleaner, and the details and textures are very good. It makes BR 05 appear completely different from other series of the brand. Urban fashion sense.

BELL & ROSS obviously intends to use this series to expand the new layout of high-end sports watches, so after its launch in 2019, it has actively expanded the product line of this series, from the basic three-hand date to the skeleton and chronographs launched in the following year. With the GMT released this year, and the combination of various materials, dial colors and straps, the outline of the entire series has become clearer and clearer. In order to distinguish it from the professional images of its other series in various special fields, when the BR 05 series came out, it portrayed the appearance of BR 05 wearers with a city image close to modern life. In particular, the newly launched BR 05 GMT watch can be said to fully present the ideal appearance of the BR 05 series.

The diameter of the BR 05 GMT watch is 41mm, which is between 40mm for three hands and 42mm for chronograph.

The diameter of the new BR 05 GMT watch is 41mm, which is between 40mm for three hands and 42mm for chronograph. This size just falls on the delicate balance between beauty and wearing comfort. As for the configuration of the dial, in addition to the red/white two-zone time indicator on the central hand, a 24-hour two-zone time scale ring with day/night display is also provided on the outer edge of the dial. In addition, At the bottom of the dial, there is the red lettering of GMT, which is basically similar to the three-hand calendar version at first glance. The design is quite concise and easy to read. At the same time, because of the design of the square shell and round surface, the visual range is slightly narrowed, which in turn makes the configuration of the face plate look more compact, which happens to fall on the delicate balance of simplicity and compactness. It can also be seen from here that the design logic of the BR 05 series is precisely pursuing the perfect balance of proportions.

BR 05 GMT has versions with chain and rubber bands. The design of the chain is integrated with the case. The chain links will gradually narrow from the lugs to the outside, making the overall structure of the watch quite smooth. The actual wearing feel is also quite good, and the fit and comfort of the watch to the wrist is very amazing.

The fake watches for sale uses a one-piece metal chain strap for a comfortable fit.

Through the transparent bottom cover, you can also enjoy the BR.325 automatic movement. This Sellita SW-330-based movement has a dual time function that can be adjusted independently for the hour hand. When traveling across time zones, the user It can quickly adjust to the local time in hours. The second time pointer is designed with a 24-hour system. It can be recognized at a glance whether the other time zone is currently day or night, which is very convenient to use. For users who often need to travel internationally, BR 05 GMT is a travel companion that can be easily matched and used.