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Daniel Craig’s last 007, “No Time to Die” is finally here

On October 29, 2021, due to the epidemic, “007: No Time to Die”, which was originally scheduled to be released in April last year, has been postponed until now. The original “No Time to Die” is the 25th work in the 007 series. It was also the last time Daniel Craig played James Bond. nice cheap watches

As the sixth Bond actor, Daniel Craig was controversial at the beginning of his tenure. Many people felt that he did not match the image of Bond in the original book. First of all, he was not well-known at the time. He was blond and blue-eyed, handsome, and in good shape. A muscular body, but not very tall, and it does not seem to be so romantic and suave. Of course, part of the controversy is also due to the previous Bond. Pierce Brosnan’s performance is very good, which makes many people look at it with a preconceived impression, but with time In the past, from appearing in 2005 to ending in 2021, he used his performances in 15 years to interpret a more flesh-and-blooded Bond screen image. His Bond will make people beaten to death, but inwardly. The processing of emotions in the drama will also be more delicate.

Mention the 007 movie to everyone, because in addition to its own plot, the focus of each 007 is inseparable from three major elements: the car, the beauty, the famous watch, that is, the debut of the latest Aston Martin, and the previous state. Girl, there is the Omega series watches on the wrist, let’s take this opportunity to introduce to my watch friends which watches are worn in the 007 movie of Daniel Craig series.

2006 “007: Battle Royal Casino”

Daniel Craig’s first 007, it can be said that it left a deep impression on people. It played against Max Mickelson at the table, under the dress customized by the Italian brand Brioni, as a diving The representative work of the sports watch is Omega’s old hippocampus 300 meters, model 2220.80.00, but there is no sense of disobedience, but it is set against Bond while playing cards while drinking a martini, which is kind of free and easy.

In the rivalry scene with Eva Green, the dialogue between the two in the dining car has become a classic. When discussing Omega and 007, they always can’t do without this plot. I don’t know how many watch friends have watched this classic one. After asking and answering, Ben, in the hesitation of the crown and the resistor, resolutely turned to the resistor.

In Casino Royale, Bond also wore an Ocean Universe 600-meter watch, model 2900.50.91. The regular size of the Seamaster 300 at that time was 41 mm. The size of this Ocean Universe reached 45.5, but the overall shape was tough. With the addition of black tape on the surface of the black plate, it is also particularly in line with Bond’s shape in performing field combat missions.

2008 “007: Breaking the Quantum Crisis”

The story of Quantum Crisis is one hour after the end of Casino Royale. It is the first time for the 007 series to have two movies that really link the story together. However, this is also the one with the lowest sense of existence among most 007 fans. In my opinion, when the whole story is the most memorable, it is also the casual dress that 007 wore in the final battle, jeans short-sleeved POLO shirt, big jacket and sunglasses. , But let the steel chain hippocampus become the highlight of the whole body shape. This Omega Seamaster Ocean Universe 600-meter watch, model 2201.50.00, is also 42 mm in size with black disk and black circle.

2013 “007: The Great Breaking the Sky”

Quantum Crisis and Sky Screen Killing were separated by 5 years. Daniel Craig’s subsequent 007s have all replaced the clothes with TOM FORD, which is slightly wider than the previous Brioni’s, which is used to hide muscles. For Italian suits, TF is undoubtedly more in line with the current fashion style, more compact and stylish. With a lot of car chasing, fighting scenes, or shooting guns, the chance of the watch in the cuffs is much more than before. This Omega Seamaster Ocean Universe 600, which has been replaced with an 8500 coaxial movement. Mi watch, model, gray-black ceramic bezel and gray TF suits also have a color echo.

For several scenes in this movie, Bond also wore the Seamaster Aqua Terra watch, which was also equipped with an 8500 coaxial movement. The Aqua Terra as a whole has the exquisite charm of a dress watch. Daniel Craig holds this The small size 38.5mm blue disc style, the physical effect is also particularly good, the model model:

2015 “007: Ghost Party”

At the beginning of the Ghost Party movie, Daniel Craig still chose the AQUA TERRA 150m watch, this 41 mm blue disc Master Coaxial watch, model, the vertical texture of the disc is inspired by luxury The teak deck of the yacht, paired with a Tom Ford blue suit, is instantly full.

But the protagonist of the watch in this film is actually the Seamaster 300 “Ghost” 007 limited edition 41mm watch. The design focuses on retro style. The lollipop second hand and beige retro hour markers are both highlights. The internal is equipped with 8400 Zhizheng. Coaxial movement, model

In fact, in the first two films of Daniel Craig’s generation of 007, everyone has also discovered that Omega changed its previous high-tech watch strategy in the film, such as Pierce Brosnan’s most impressive laser watch. , I don’t take that route, just turn the watch into a James Bond timepiece tool, a personal partner.

Of course, it may also be necessary for the plot. Dr. Q, the logistics technology director of the first two China Bonds, has not yet appeared. The Ghost Party is already the second part of Dr. Q’s appearance. Léa Seydoux also immediately used the modified Seamaster 300 to blow up a room. However, compared to the watch launching lasers and claws, Omega watches are in ghosts. The explosion effect in the party film is still not so sci-fi.

2021 “007: No Time to Die”

I have no time to die because the special edition watch has been announced at the end of 2019. I have introduced it to you many times in the past two years, but for this watch, it is really white and not greasy. In my heart, I think it is Snoopy, who was sleeping on his stomach with the second generation, was ranked as the best-looking Omega watch. According to Omega, Daniel Craig was involved in the design of the watch and played a role in the design of the watch.

The watch focuses on military retro style. First, the 42mm case and Milan bracelet are made of grade 2 titanium to ensure lightness and firmness. With the brown hour markers on the aluminum bezel and dial, it shows that the antique watch has been formed by ultraviolet radiation. Tropical tropical disk effect.

There is an arrow logo at the six o’clock position on the disk. This logo is often used to represent the British Royal property to which the item belongs. It is also used to represent military attributes on the watch. In addition, a series of special digital code eggs are also engraved on the back of the watch. For example, “0552” is a special code designated by the Royal Navy, Bond is a lieutenant colonel, and “923 7697” is the code name for the diving watch. The letter “A” refers to the screw-in crown watch, “007” double o seven is Bond’s agent number in MI6, and the number “62” at the end represents the release of the first 007 movie Dr. No. years.

In the key scene of getting the watch in this film, Bond said to Dr. Q, “I just showed someone your watch, which really surprised them.” Dr. Q also gave the bottom of this watch. The installation of a spiral device can generate “electromagnetic pulses with a limited radius”, thereby assisting Bond to short-circuit the circuit of the hardware connection network. I also think this high-tech application is a bit related to the antimagnetic performance of the Omega movement.

Most of replica OMEGA’s mechanical watches have passed the Master Chronometer certification approved by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS). Take the 8806 Master Chronometer movement that this watch is equipped with, including the coaxial escapement, Silicon balance springs and other non-magnetic materials can resist a strong magnetic field of up to 15,000 Gauss. This value can be understood as the strength of an MRI scanner. I often tell everyone that antimagnetic performance is becoming more and more important in the electrification era.

But there is also a problem with the watch model. The titanium Milanese bracelet style of the same model in the movie is particularly unfriendly to fine wrist watch friends. Due to the material and processing problems, the bending of the watch strap is not enough, and it may also be possible after the folding buckle is fastened. Wrists will be slightly adjusted. If the adjustment is loose, the other side will hang empty. So if you are interested in this watch, it is recommended that watch friends must go to an offline store to try it on. Of course, if the Milan chain is not strapped Appropriately, the NATO strap style is also very good.

During the launch of each 007 movie or to celebrate the anniversary, Omega will also launch a limited edition watch, but compared to most of the regular models exposed in the movie, the attention is not so high. However, because of the design of the rifled disk and the price not so high, the Queen’s Secret Envoy watch is still very popular in the market.

The Queen’s Secret Envoy also has a limited-edition gift box of 257 sets, which is loaded with 007’s exclusive Globe-Trotter™ suitcase. At the event held by our cheap watch house and Beijing SKP last year, I also saw this big gift box. The shape is very cool. Open it. In front of the gift box station, I took the watch to change the strap, just like I was Bond. It came up with the feeling of putting a silencer on the pistol, but because the gift box version is one steel and one gold, the threshold is still quite high and it is worth a visit. It is mentioned that the steel version is different from the normal version, and there is no calendar display at 6 o’clock.