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Zenith’s latest “Dafei” and “High Frequency Chronograph” watches have all arrived

Not long ago, ZENITH, a powerful Swiss watchmaking brand, brought two new works: PILOT pilot series Chinese limited edition watch and DEFY series EL PRIMERO 21 Chinese limited edition watch, two watches one One style means “Yaojin”, while the other style means “Xuanhei”. The sword refers to yin and yang, with distinct characteristics, and is specially presented for the Chinese market. Below, please join us to appreciate the detailed design of the watch:

Zenith’s “Yaojin” flies

First of all, let’s take a look at the latest PILOT pilot series Chinese limited edition watch in the picture. This watch still maintains the most significant design features of Zenith’s “Dafei”: a wide disc, huge luminous hour markers, and hands. And the “onion head” crown, etc., with a full flight watch charm. In addition, Zenith also gave it an extremely retro bronze case and a particularly eye-catching “Yellow Gold” color plate, which makes the appearance more conspicuous.

The distressed bronze shell has a very strong retro color. It not only adds a unique domineering and unrestrained characteristic to the wearer; at the same time, it will form a copper-green color exclusive to the retro flavor on the surface over time. , Adding a unique charm to the watch.

The side engraved with the words “HB-XXX”, “HB” refers to the Swiss civil aviation registration code, XXX represents the watch serial number, aviation elements can be seen everywhere on the watch.

On the other side of the case is Zenith’s “Dafei” iconic onion crown. The crown is equipped with a groove-like design that looks like an onion, ensuring that the pilot can still accurately calibrate when wearing heavy gloves. Time. Today, this design has become an important design element for all pilot copy watches.

Looking at the dial, this watch is equipped with a very conspicuous gold dial. The dial pattern is based on the grooves of the old aircraft fuselage. This horizontal pattern is illuminated by the light, forming “one light and one dark” on the dial. “The unique atmosphere, full of golden texture. The wide disc is equipped with very eye-catching digital time scales and hands, and Zenith is coated with white luminous paint to ensure that the pilot can still read the time accurately in dim conditions.

Looking closely at the dial, Zenith also has elaborately crafted golden rivet details between the two Arabic numerals time scales, which not only continues the design features of military flight history, but also has unique personality and excellent design. In addition, the watch also has the words “PILOT EXTRA SPECIAL” at 6 o’clock on the dial, which is specially presented for the Chinese market.

The brand equipped this watch with a vintage brown leather strap and decorated with white stitching. The bottom of the watch is sealed and the ZENITH flight instrument logo is engraved on the back of the watch. The inside of the watch is equipped with an ELITE self-winding movement, which is accurate and reliable. It can provide at least 50 hours of power reserve after full winding. It is water-resistant to 100 meters. The xxx position on the back of the watch is also engraved with the limited number of the watch.

Zenith “Black and Black” high frequency timing

The other one of the limited editions in China, the DEFY series EL PRIMERO 21 Chinese limited edition watch in the picture, is positioned with the term “black black”. Under the low-key, deep black appearance, the connotation is dazzling. The golden movement has a meaning of “deeply hidden”, which is both stable and rich in connotation.

The most eye-catching aspect of the DEFY series is the internal movement configuration. The high-frequency EL PRIMERO high-frequency chronograph movement inside this watch is shown in the picture. For chronographs, the timing and running parts share the same escapement wheel and interfere with each other. In order to fundamentally solve this problem, Zenith has equipped this movement with a double escapement system. Among them, the running time escapement has a vibration frequency of 36,000/hour (5 Hz), and the power reserve reaches 50 hours, which is responsible for stable and accurate time; while the chronograph escapement has reached 10 times the 360,000/hour (50 Hz), in the state of full string It can carry out a timekeeping operation that lasts for 50 minutes, and its timekeeping accuracy is as high as one hundredth of a second, which is extremely accurate.

In addition to performance, Zenith has also equipped this watch with a very dazzling gold movement, and we can appreciate its beauty through the hollow disk. On the hollow plate, the luminous hour markers and luminous hands are designed with golden elements, creating a mysterious and cool futuristic sense with a strong sense of design.

Looking at the dial, the dial has a 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock, a 60-second counter at 6 o’clock, and a small seconds counter at 9 o’clock. The chronograph button is activated, and the central golden chronograph hands rotate around the dial every second. A lap, extraordinarily cool.

Zenith equipped this watch with a black ceramic case. The side is treated with a wire drawing process to resist scratches and wear. The case has strong lines and a sense of geometry, with a very strong sense of future design. The watch on the other side is equipped with a non-slip tire-shaped crown, which makes time adjustment more convenient. On both sides are square chronograph buttons, and the chronograph components run smoothly.

The watch is equipped with an all-black leather strap, which perfectly matches the overall “black black” tone. The inner side of the strap is equipped with a rubber lining, making it extremely comfortable to wear daily.

The above two watches are the latest masterpieces launched by Zenith for the Chinese market. Each watch has a limited edition and a high value. Whether it is the very popular Zenith “Bronze Flying” or the top-notch “Gao” “Frequency timing” models all show excellent Chinese characteristics on the basis of their original design charm. Interested friends may wish to pay more attention to it. Zenith DEFY