The unique Urwerk UR-110 Bakelite, the last one

Ten years ago, Urwerk introduced the UR-110, which revolutionized the watch industry. This is the evolution of the brand’s iconic satellite time display system. But now, 10 years after its launch, it is time to launch the final Urwerk UR-110, which will be auctioned on October 15th and the proceeds will be used to support the Swiss Red Cross.

In 2011, URWERK won the “Best Design” award for its UR-110. The new Urwerk UR-110 Bakelite.

UR-110 has had a considerable influence over the years, not only won a large number of fans, GPHG Best Design Award, and even worn on Tony Stark’s wrist. For the new generation of independent timepieces, this is a very important model-a new type of futuristic timekeeping display, a micro-mechanical arm equipped with a fixed satellite, and the minutes are read from a fixed minute orbit. Over the years, UR-110 has deployed a full set of materials, both retro and futuristic. This version is likely to be the first time this watch uses both materials; bakelite. Urwerk founder Felix Baumgartner explained: “Bakelite is one of the earliest high-tech materials developed in history. Its properties were and still are multiple and revolutionary. Insulation and heat resistance, it exists in all daily necessities at the time. From the glasses frame to the radio”. This pioneering thermosetting plastic is wear-resistant and is made from a combination of phenol and formaldehyde, originally derived from coal tar and wood alcohol. It is also a material with a long history in watches and is famous for the early bezels used in Rolex GMT-Masters. The bezel of this Urwerk is equally eye-catching, adding a surprisingly organic feel to the precision-machined lines of the final UR-110 ever. Urwerk UR-110 Bakelite

Technical specifications
Movement: UR 9.01 mechanical movement, self-winding, 39-hour power reserve
Function: Satellite-style complication, with rotating hour/minute module control panel installed on planetary gear: “day/night” indicator; maintenance interval and “oil change” alarm for small seconds
Case: Grade 5 titanium, 47 mm x 51 mm x 16 mm, bakelite bezel
Strap: black fabric