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PURE PURNELL ESCAPE II absolute sapphire

2021 swiss watches and Miracles Exhibition

Purnell fake, a fine watchmaking company founded in 2006, focuses on one complication, with only one complication, namely the tourbillon. For this purpose, watchmaker Eric Coudray developed a unique 3-axis double spherical tourbillon. The company passed Make its two settings more luxurious. A cage of 152 diamonds. For this unique piece, this extraordinary movement is housed in a completely transparent sapphire case.

As the CEO of the brand Maurizio Mazzochi explained, it was the pursuit of purity that led to the development of this unique and remarkable work. “Sport is the principle of all life,” he explained, quoting Leonardo da Vinci. How to say it is better than stripping everything, and cultivating this leads to the absolute-“absolute”-therefore, including the case, dial, bridge, power reserve, and hour wheel are cut from 3 sapphires, carefully processed by Swiss sapphire glass experts ( 150 hours of working time are required).

All that is left is the movement in the glass case. Its baguette-cut sapphire hour markers, hands and two blue Spherions frames set with brilliant gemstones concentrate all the attention.

Purnell Escape II Absolute Sapphire
48mm sapphire case sapphire
Dial, rectangular-cut blue sapphire hour markers (1.04 carats).
Manually wound CP03 mechanical movement with double Spherion and diamond-encrusted frame. Sapphire Bridge.
The hour and minute functions store power through the tentacles on the mainspring and are connected to a suspended mobile cone. Power reserve of 32 hours.