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Maurice Lacroix Aikon Automatic collection

Maurice Lacroix expands Aikon Automatic collection with rubber strap and green dial A growing collection of easy-to-use luxury sports watches.

Since the sports fashion watch market with integrated bracelet/strap is the hottest market in the industry, we have seen many brands adopt this concept in the past few years. In 2016, Maurice Lacroix had its turn to launch its Aikon series, first equipped with a quartz movement, and launched an automatic movement in 2018. Since then, there have been many iterations, and the brand has been listening closely to customer expectations. In this case, the brand is now expanding its easy-to-use luxury sports watch collection with rubber straps and Aikon Automatic 39mm and 42mm new dials.

The AIKON by Maurice Lacroix has become a fairly impressive collection, including time and date watches, chronographs, skeleton chronographs, more sporty models, joint ventures, and GMT functions, and even more complex ones Model and internal movement or very intriguing display. This does not include the different sizes available, ranging from 35 mm to 44 mm. But it seems that the brand still has some ideas for its sports watch, because it has now launched a new model.

Although we are unable to photograph all the available watches in the 2021 series, here is an overview of what you will see in the store soon. First of all, in addition to the existing one-piece leather strap and metal bracelet for the entire series, the classic Aikon Automatic time and date watch can now be equipped with an one-piece textured rubber strap. It is closed by a pin buckle and benefits from the brand’s ingenious Easy Strap Exchange, so you can switch between all options without tools. These will be available for 39 and 42 mm references and also as accessories for the current owner.

The rubber strap is cleverly integrated into the Aikon Automatic design with the Paris nail pattern, replicating the decoration on the dial and the two grooves that seamlessly integrate with the case and lugs. These rubber straps are made of FKM rubber, which has higher abrasion resistance, excellent flexibility, and the color is not easy to fade.

The 2021 Maurice Lacroix Aikon Automatic series also integrates new dial options. For example, 39 and 42 mm have a new dark gray dial. This new dial is available as a “strap kit” with a metal bracelet and spare rubber/leather options, or just one option.

In addition to this new color, the 39mm model also offers a green dial, which first appeared on the 42mm model. Likewise, it turns out that the rose-colored dial, which has proved very popular in the 39mm case, is now available on the larger 42mm model. best luxury watches