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Audemars Piguet new watches, from Royal Oak to self-winding chronograph


Including the new platinum Royal Oak “Jumbo” with a striking green dial.

Sitting on the sofa in the stylish lounge, overlooking the snow-capped mountains beyond Audemars Piguet. The manufacturer and CEO of Le Brassus in Switzerland, François-Henry Bennahmias, and the head of complications, Michael Friedman, spent two hours launching a new watch for 2021 Series (more will be launched in autumn). They have a lot of mechanical marvels to show, but they also emphasized the company’s new partnership with Marvel Comics. Although there is no news about what the new joint venture will bring, it is said that it was inspired by Bennahmias’ 11-year friendship with actor Don Cheadle, who played the War Machine in the Avengers film series. But when asked who his favorite character in the comic empire was, Ben Namias told reporters present that he felt that his personality was more in line with the Hulk.

From the perspective of the new series, he kept the paleness and bluff of superheroes in mind when designing. The big news is the launch of the time and date-only Royal Oak “Jumbo” ultra-thin platinum sunburst green dial, replacing the brand’s typical waffle pattern tapestry dial. Tourbillon and Chronograph models also launched four other green Royal Oaks with tapestry dials. The sturdy Royal Oak for divers and the more bulky Royal Oak Offshore Self-winding Tourbillon with a flyback chronograph will also be available, as well as the Diamond and Pure Gold versions of the Royal Oak.

However, although the Royal Oak is still Audemars Piguet’s star, the company is still optimistic about the Code 11.59 series, launching two new chronographs with ceramic middle cases. Although the series has only been launched for two years, Bennahmias must point out a screen that shows about 30 production changes. So far, Code 11.59 is still another self of the brand, more in line with Bruce Banner than the Hulk, but real-life superheroes are not formed overnight.

This is the outline of all new models.

Royal Oak “Jumbo” ultra-thin 39 mm
Will die-hard Royal Oak fans accept the new Jumbo sans Tapisserie dial? This is an obviously less sporty style of the RO spirit, using a flat sunburst design and reference. The 15202 model also uses platinum, an elite alloy of watchmaking. It is equipped with a 2121 movement, and the solid gold winding rotor can be seen through the bottom cover. Platinum is undoubtedly a heavy topic, but Jumbo’s 39mm x 8.1mm slim profile offsets the weight. Fashion, elegance and simplicity, with a striking green dial, this will be the focal piece that everyone wants, especially those who cannot master the previous salmon dial Jumbo.

However, if you want to take it to the next level, you can choose the new green tapestry dial version, such as 18-carat gold self-winding chronograph or titanium, 18-carat rose gold or titanium, 18-carat white gold bezel set with rectangle Cut emeralds. All tourbillon models have a tapestry pattern with a sunburst design, which is more prominent.

Royal Oak “Jumbo” ultra-thin diamonds 39 mm

If you prefer bling, the Associated Press will not be stingy with diamonds. Three new gem-set Jumbos watches are equipped with two 18-carat white gold, with light blue or black dials. An 18-carat pink gold model with a pale blue dial is also available. There is no news on the delivery or price of these three diamonds, but considering that each diamond is set with 1,102 brilliant-cut diamonds of approximately 7.09 carats, you can expect a big deal.

Royal Oak Offshore Diver 42 mm

Here, we made the first major redesign of the Royal Oak Offshore Series and introduced a series of new dive watches. They use a brand new 4308 movement (including a 22-carat pink gold rotor, visible through the back cover), based on a similar limited-time movement introduced in code 11.59, and a grey pumped tapestry dial, navy blue or olive green. Due to the high influence of the dial, the company cancelled the long format signature of its brand name and only retained the AP logo. All are made of stainless steel case, suitable for diving up to 300 meters (984 feet), and equipped with a 60-hour power reserve.

Another big news is that these models are now equipped with detachable bracelets, Bennahmias said that in the future all new Royal Oak offshore models will provide such bracelets. The rubber strap can be replaced with a beige, brown or black leather version. The Associated Press chief executive demonstrated their ease of use by closing their eyes and removing them.

Royal Oak Automatic Chronograph 41mm

Gold, gold, gold and more gold…don’t call it a comeback (although we have said similar things for a while…). Each version of the new Royal Oak Automatic Chronograph is made with an 18-carat pink gold case. They are equipped with a chocolate brown or navy blue plaid dial, an 18-carat pink gold chronograph counter, and a bracelet or leather strap that matches the tone of the dial.

RO chrono includes the latest internal integrated flyback chronograph automatic winding movement 4401 for the first time, which is another first time visible through the back cover. The sapphire crystal reveals the column wheel, the chronograph hammer and the hand decoration.

Royal Oak Offshore Automatic Flying Tourbillon Flyback Chronograph 43mm

It combines two advanced complications in the new 43 mm case size, namely the flyback tourbillon and the flyback chronograph. The 2967 movement was originally released for the Code 11.59 series, but it has been redesigned according to the ROO case size, and the titanium plywood has been redesigned, coated with black PVD ​​coating, satin-brushed and hand-polished . In order to obtain additional visual dimensions, titanium alloy blades are alternately sandblasted or polished. The flying tourbillon frame shows a rhodium-toned balance wheel, and a 22-carat gold open-worked oscillating weight with black PVD ​​coating can be seen through the bottom cover. Despite the precious goods,

But Bennahmias and Friedman both emphasized that its new ergonomic case design is the real attraction. The new 43mm titanium case not only marks a new generation of Royal Oak Offshore, but also introduces a curved element to bring a different look to the wrist. Although its edges have larger polished chamfers, the bezel, anti-glare sapphire crystal, screw-in crown and chronograph buttons are all curved.

It is equipped with a new interchangeable strap system. If you need to prove that you are the proud owner of an ultra-rare AP, “Royal Oak Offshore Limited Edition of 100 Pieces” is engraved on the back of the watch.

Code 11.59 Automatic winding chronograph 41 mm

The Code series just got a new waist. Two 18-carat white gold and rose gold self-winding chronographs will be available in May, with black ceramic in the middle. Developed in cooperation with the family-owned Swiss precision parts company Bangerter, the ceramic center of the case can be seen from the side, using zirconia powder combined with a secret binder composition. It is shaped by CNC machine technology, then the binder is removed, and then the parts are sintered at 1,400 degrees Celsius (2,552 degrees Fahrenheit). It is processed with high-precision diamond tools, and then pre-polished and satin-finished before being finished by hand.

A new belly requires a lot of work, but it further proves that Audemars Piguet is willing to continue pushing the aesthetic boundaries of Code 11.59 at all costs. men watches cheap