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You are looking at what I think is the first Greubel Forsey timepiece without a tourbillon. For a brand that is so focused on producing timepieces with multiple tourbillons and tourbillons in it, it makes me strange to see that Greubel Forsey timepieces lack the iconic complications that I think. Alas, there are two more things. The dial of the new Double Balancier 35-degree watch has two diagonally inclined balance wheels.

To be honest, I don’t really miss the tourbillon. This is more than enough for mortals. Believe me, although this is not the most expensive watch for Greubel Forsey. The 43.5 mm wide case is made of 18k gray gold (similar to white, but more like…gray) and is gorgeously polished. As is the practice of Gao Peifusi, in the next few years, we expect to see other versions of the double balancer using other materials, perhaps changing the dial. It feels sweet on the wrist, just like wearing some kind of fancy chocolate. The rich texture and the things you know are bad for you, but the taste is good. Greubel Forsey fake

You might ask yourself whether there is a practical reason to tilt the balance wheel apart from looking cool. Actually it is. In terms of reducing errors related to gravity, the tilting direction of the balance wheel provides an effect similar to that of a tourbillon—perhaps better. Again, you only need to move your wrist in different positions to get most of the effect. There is no doubt that although tourbillons are cool and we like them, they are not really meant to make anyone’s watch more accurate. But they do make the timepiece feel more special.

The two balance wheels are in harmony, so the copy watch runs more or less at its average speed. This is part of the result of increasing the rate. The auxiliary seconds dial between them is an indicator of the average value. Therefore, in addition to having two tilted balance wheels to improve accuracy, the average velocity between them is also used to calculate the time, which further helps improve accuracy. It’s not that people invest in Greubel Forsey’s work for accuracy, but at least you know that they are not sitting in a Swiss workshop thinking about how to add more diamonds to their products.

Even with close-up photography, you can see that the details of the hand-made movement parts are handled very well. I don’t always know that Gaupe Fortune timepieces are my “style” (although I do like double tourbillon technology), but their design has a certain sense of automatic adjustment. It seems that the Greubel Forsey concept alone is enough to cover up design issues or the fact that their watches may not be suitable for you. If you wear it, almost no explanation is needed. There are not many such brands. Patek Philippe is probably the most mainstream brand of self-calibrating watches, and no one will question whether it is on your wrist.

The Double Balancier is internally manufactured (very like) the GF04s2 movement with manual winding. It has a time and power reserve indicator with a small seconds dial (three days in total). To my surprise, Greubel Forsey was able to combine a wise, simple dial with an open design to show their meticulous movement work. It is also interesting that the double balancer of Greubel Forsey, as I said, they can release variants freely in the future, it is indeed a rare timepiece.