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Richard Mille RM 11-04 Automatic Anti-excited Time Code Roberto Mancini

Talking about Bravura Technology and Materials Magic showed the same outstanding high visibility ambassador and partner network, it is difficult to become fake Richard Mille. The design of the racing watch of the bold exciting alumni is a synonym with confident unusual, whether it is in the track, field or the stage wear.

Richard Mille’s relationship with Roberto Mancini, the legendary Italian football player turned to 2013, extends to 2013. That year, I saw RM 11-01 Roberto Mancini, titanium or gold casing release, and there is an interesting acceptance on the counter-intensive time code – providing direct countdown to display half of 45 minutes, if necessary, there are 15 Minute downtime and additional time.

In the past seven years, many changes. Roberto Mancini is no longer a successful manager of Manchester. Since 2018, he has been trying to revitalize the Italian national team – Squadra Azzurra – as their manager, he has been a great success, causing the team to win 11 consecutive times in 2019. And there is a new watch with this new challenge. Richard Mille RM 11-04 Automatic Anti-excitement Time Size Roberto Mancin is established on the basis of RM 11-01, with the same 45-minute interval countdown timer faster, but has updated aesthetics.

A large amount of 44.5mm x 49.94mm x 16.5mm case is a complex event – produced from Richard Mille’s single carbon TPT. Choose for extreme durability, light and shock protection, the carbon TPT component consists of more than 600 fine laminated layers, the maximum thickness of 30 microns. These layers have been arranged to ensure maximum strength and resistance or splitting resistance, all of which are fixed at 20 level 5 titanium lane screws. In addition to the technical advantages of high-tech materials, it does not hurt the subtle level of black carbon that the brand signature Crenellated tonneau silhouette. Join this bright blue highlight (color of Squadra Azzurra), as well as red, white and green dialing detail (because, um, italy), you have a case that stands out.

But high-tech did not end this situation. In addition to the above-mentioned flyback timelines, skeleton-tidic diameter RMAC3 is also in packaging a variety of other impressive specifications. There is a large date display and annual calendar complications, free surge, variable inertia balance. The power reserves from the two buckets are 55 hours of movement (if you leave Chrono), it is 55 hours. Even the rotor of the Richard Leler is also the next level, has a variable geometry, allowing adjustment winding speed. Depending on the level of the wearer, the platinum weight can be placed in one of the six-bit positions to ensure maximum winding efficiency.

With its bright style and updated materials, RM 11-04 automatic anti-excited time code table Robert Kiman Chile is a valuable certificate – not just the legendary football image – but the evolution of Richard Mille.

Calibre RMAC3 in grade 5 titanium with flyback chronograph; annual calendar; large date; 55-hour power reserve.

44.5mm x 49.94mm x 16.5mm in Carbon TPT.

Blue rubber with titanium folding buckle.