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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel OpenWorked Ref. 15407

This is a radical and technically innovative classic: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Double Balance Rotary revealed REF. 15407st.

Although the silhouette of its familiar, the exposed skeleton of this watch can not be concerned about the attention of the appreciation and passers-by. However, as many as this radical or even controversial design may cause agitation, the magic of this time is like it is a novel design concept, this moment’s magic is like a new design concept.

The royal oak double balance wheel revealed that Ref was released in 2016. 15407 people are 41 mm in the name of Royal oak design. If it is not obvious by observing it, the term “opensworked” herein refers to the fact that the intra-caliber 3132 is visible in the hand. Although the watch seems provocatively, this open design is not new to the AP. I have seen the Royal Royal Oak Watch of Forests in the past two decades, such as the 2010 Reference 15305, which was then “giant” royal oak by Platinum and rose gold version.

However, new things about this watch is a double balance wheel escapement. When I said new, I am not just a newcomer for the palm of the palm. I mean, never completed before new. In order to clarify, it is obviously a watch released before 2016, using multiple balance wheels – Greubel Forsey, Philippe Dufour, F.p. Journe, named a minority – but when you view the details, the AP performs their acceptance situation.

So, this double balance wheel escapement is so special? In short, it helps to solve historic watch problems in a very clever way, allowing more accurate timing. Finally, the key to the precise oscillator is stability. It is difficult to achieve absolute stability in small work in watch motion, especially when it is swung on your wrist all day. The presence of two balance wheels increases the quality of equality and helps to counteract the negative effects of gravity. In most cases, the gain of accuracy becomes the burden of power reserves, as there is a need for additional gears and differential components to draw pulses from two separate balance wheels. As two balances running on the same axis and balancers, the overall efficiency in the AP is maintained.

This idea has established previous innovations: Double Balance Spring. Audemars Piguet fake has made some watches, using double balance spring, such as repeaters in the millennium and thousand years, with AP escapement. This idea is to use two springs instead of canceling the internal friction, which can affect the accuracy of the watch to the degree of change according to the angle of the watch. Not only has two balanced lifting but the concept of two separate balanced wheels is just bringing the entire idea to a new level. Each of these superimposed balancing wheels has its own hair. The resulting self-adjustment helps to reduce the rate error and is an extremely precise timer.

In addition to this cutting edge feature, the caliber 3132 is impressive in a variety of other ways. 38 Jewelry Movement has a 45-hour power supply, beat with 3 Hz frequency (21,600 Vph). Only 5.57 mm, its SVELTE shape factor allows a watch to easily slide the shirt cuff. Do you start to see why AP wants to show this movement?

Of course, technological innovation is an important part of this watch story, but this is not a whole story. Although AP Royal Oak‘s general appearance is legendary – even the idea of ​​royal oak is not unheard – this time plan design has a lot about this kind of watch design, it feels obviously obvious. Its case has a diameter of 41 mm, a thickness of 9.9mm, and a comfortable wrist. It is water to 50 meters. The integrated stainless steel bracelet uses AP fold buckle, Glare protective sapphire crusts and exhibition cases: These are all things expected from modern royal oak.

From a design perspective, the magic of this work is also found by observing motion. Take a closer look at these photos. Most of the movements are a sexy slate gray. For the view, even if returned to the 1970s, it always looks like it is unplugged from the future, the Royal Oak is still in the current position. Pink Gold Application Hours Markers and Classic Royal Oak Hands provide subtle reverse in this aggressive shape.

From this dark storm cloud, the dark wind and spring water come to the brilliant gold balance bridge. This color echoes on the back of the watch; staring through the exhibition case, providing views of the symbol gold rotor.

From a process perspective, this may be the most impressive for this movement, which is hand-made. Although this movement does not have excessive HUUTE HOROLOGY INEPIEC, it has not questioned the details of this very cool observation.

Not bad, or even decades in the AP royal oak, it still brought a certain degree of dispute, no matter where it is. This is not to say that there is a denial of it earned it in the Temple of the big clock – it is obviously. Despite this, even in 2021, there are so things, about this watch, some collectors cannot completely packaged around it. If you are one of those people, then this disclosed Ok Oak will definitely destroy your feathers. That is good, looking at the collection is very interesting, because we have got a strong opinion, this watch has always been the lightning rod in this area. However, if you are drawn to the Royal Oak, because it looks like it looks, because inherent satiries, then through the extension, this watch belongs to your wrist. Moreover, even if you are an ancient wool’s traditionalism, there is no denying the process and timepiece and smart talents. 15407. replica watches usa