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Ironman and Breitling work together to cooperate professional endurance watch Ironman special edition stunning debut

As the new official luxury watch brand of Ironman, Breitling plays a powerful strength and endurance of superficial sports events at a new series.

Breitling has a long-term cooperation with Ironman, and the two sides jointly designed a special series of centenary of the ultimate sports and leisure watch: professional endurance watch Ironman special edition (Endurance Pro Ironman). A series of lightweight luxury sports watches are rated, and it is appropriately combined with high precision, innovative technology and lively design. Two exciting new watches debut: Red Style is designed for sports and chronographs, with golden embellished black styles designed for Ironman® Iron Man Competition. Within the coming months, there will be other expressions who have been reserved for the Ironman community.

Breitling and Ironman have launched a widely praised Breitling Super Marine Watch Ironman Limited Edition in 2019. The new partnership is unveiled for the long-term cooperation between the two sides, and Breitling is honored to become an official luxury watch of Ironman.

In order to celebrate this cooperation and unveil the new watch, Breitling is a special event in Breitling, Breitling, the president of Breitling, Tiierry Prissert and Ironman Group President and CEO Andrew · Andrew Mersicks are hosted. As an invited guest attending the event, three famous celebrities and three world champion of Heather FUHR, the three ambassador of the iron man and the first Tang Siji syndrome. Patient Chris Nikic, Triadman Three Famous Hall members and Ironman® Brand spokesperson Mike Relly. Three Three Professional Athlets of the Ironman also also held a full lifting, celebrating the release of the new watch and the re-cooperation of Ironman and Breitling, and served as Breitling American brand ambassador. Since 2007, it has been transferred to a professional player, and Huffman has won countless in the triumphant three-course, the tribeaine, 70.3 and the ironman.

Breitling CEO Georges Kern said: “IRONMAN truly reflects our core values ​​for performance and endurance. We design this watch into an ideal watch that is both elite athletes, is also a leisure daily motion of active people. Timing watch, meeting their desire for both performance and luxury. “

George Cohen and Ironman Group President and CEO Andrew Messick believe that this striking watch reflects the strong energy and all-round spirit of the iconic Ironman series event. buy watches online

Messick said: “We are very happy to continue to work with such outstanding and presence of landscaping. After successful cooperation in 2019, we will work with Breitling to create strong and tough characteristics. New watch. “

The three members of the Breitling Triathlon Squad are all outstanding in the three three events around the world. German Triathlon Three Athletes Yang Fordno is not only the 2008 Olympic Golden Medal, but also the three Iron World Championships and the two Iron 70.3 World Championship World Championship. In 2019, Fordno

7 hours 51 minutes and 13 seconds won the Ironman World Championship® championship, and set the fastest over-theiel.

Daniela RYF, born in Breitling hometown, is a five-session 70.3 World Championship and the four Iron World Championships.

The third member of the Action Team is a “Macca” Chris McCormack from Australia. He has won the title of Iron World Championships in 2007 and 2010. In addition, he is also a winner of the 2012 International Triathlon League (ITU) long-distance World Championship.

Three people are the leader of the Ironman Iron People, and the competition will work three major projects to the world.

The challenging single-day competition, including 2.4 miles (3.8 km), 112 miles (180 km) bicycles, 26.2 miles (42.2 km).

Ultimate sports leisure watch

The new professional endurance watch Ironman Special Edition (Endurance Pro Ironman) is not only for athletes, but also for luxury customers who pursue the ultimate sports and leisure time.

The 44 mm case is made of Breitlight® material, 3.3 times larger than titanium, 5.8 times larger than the steel, and the hardness is greatly improved. This exclusive high-tech material provides excellent scratch resistance, friction and corrosion resistance. In addition, BreitLight® also has anti-magnetic, anti-allergic characteristics, and more thermostability than metal, so it can stand out.

The watch is equipped with the Breitling82 core. This temperature compensation of the Swiss Official Observatory Certification (COSC) SuperquartzTM super quartz movement is ten times that of ordinary quartz, and the battery life is about three to four years. best price watches

The bidirectional rotating surface engraved with the basic direction of the compass, and the flexible mold crown provides excellent anti-slip function and easy operation. Hethers and dividers are coated with Super-Luminova® luminous coatings even if they can be readily read under limited lighting conditions. In addition to the small seconds, it also has 1/10 seconds and 30 minutes cumulative timer, which is equally clear and easy to read. Watch waterproof performance can reach 10 atmospheres (100 meters / 330 feet).

There are two versions of the watch available: professional endurance watch Ironman special edition (Endurance Pro Ironman Finisher). The former uses a red dial, and the black inner surface is equipped with a pulse count. The watch is equipped with a red rubber strap with BreitLight® double needle buckle. The bottom decoration has a unique “ironman” word, not the word “Breitling”. The latter is a black style embellished with golden elements, designed for the Iron People’s Equipment. This design will be exclusively released by Ironman channels, and the top of the “Ironman Finisher Series” special words are engraved.

The original professional endurance watch (Endurance Pro) Since the Breitling Sprint watch, in addition to the beautiful designs, the lightweight of the 1970s is also impressive. The design has a pulse meter, which is ideal for an athlete who wants to monitor the heart rate.