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Ulysse Nardin Watch Diver Lemon Shark

Ulysse Nardin’s new DIVER LEMON SHARK watch for World Ocean Day

The Swiss watch manufacturer Ulysse Nardin is famous for its luxurious timepieces that focus on sailing and is one of the brands dedicated to the protection of the ocean. To celebrate the annual World Ocean Day, as our climate and the earth change, this day has become more and more important, the brand has launched a new timepiece-DIVER Lemon Shark, which is designed for the depths of the ocean Create or powerful high-end watches. With increasing threats to underwater and aquatic habitats, Athens Watch is one of the few ways to contribute to the protection of its ability.

Ulysse Nardin has pledged and committed to pay attention to the environment in accordance with international norms-pledged to achieve the goal by 2030. The company further emphasized that during this period, their focus will be on the deeply misunderstood and endangered marine life shark family.

As part of the company’s DIVER series, this 43 mm limited edition watch is one of their first new products focusing on shark protection. This new product is an just right black and shark gray with three lemon sharks printed on the back. The strap of the watch is carefully stitched and made from recycled fishing nets. The subtle yellow touch around the watch pays tribute to the lemon shark.

Combining functionality and elegance, this piece is stylish and simple, able to withstand ocean conditions. Since Ulysse Nardin is a supplier to many navies, the quality of its sea resistance is not surprising. The launch was carried out in cooperation with the organizations OCEARCH and FIU Medina Aquarius Program, both of which are highly acclaimed marine conservation efforts.

As for the lemon shark, a deeply misunderstood creature, it is undoubtedly worthy of dedication to the timepiece. This species is one of the yellow that can disguise itself as entering the washed seabed. Like many of the most advanced and intelligent creatures on the planet, people believe that lemon sharks have the ability to make connections and truly learn from others in the species. According to records, this creature lives at a depth of 300 feet below the sea surface, so the deep dive focus of this limited edition watch. With the magnificent and well-studied species listed as endangered by the IUCN Red List, awareness is more important than ever.

Patrick Pruniaux, chief executive officer of Athens Watch, said: “People generally mistakenly believe that sharks are dangerous to humans, and humans are not their natural prey.” “We and OCEARCH believe in education. The public is concerned about these spectacular things. The more creatures learn about it, the more they will respect their position in the marine natural hierarchy.”

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Ulysse Nardin watch diver lemon shark

Ulysse Nardin Diver Lemon Shark Limited Edition is a diving watch created in cooperation with the charity association OCEARCH and Florida International University (FIU) for the research and protection of yellow sharks off the coast of Florida.

June 8th is World Ocean Day. This habitat deteriorates most rapidly due to human activities, putting all the animals living in it in serious danger.

The United Nations has developed a protection plan, which includes 17 protection goals to be established by 2030.

Many people and companies are changing the way they understand development to make it as sustainable as possible and reduce pollution and impact on the ecosystem.

Ulysse Nardin integrates materials recovered from the ocean into the manufacture of its belts, and conducts various studies on sharks, excellent marine predators and true ecosystem thermometers.

Ulysse Nardin Diver Lemon Shark is a watch specially designed for underwater activities. The 42mm model of the Diver series has a black dial with yellow accents to commemorate the lemon shark living near the Florida coast.

This Ulysse Nardin Diver Lemon Shark is equipped with UN-816 silicon movement, domed sapphire crystal glass, gray super luminous hour markers and black DLC titanium bezel.

A limited edition of 300 watches launched in collaboration with OCEARCH and Florida International University (FIU).

These creatures are responsible for marking sharks, which is an extremely important task because they play a key role in balancing the marine ecosystem.

Marine photographer Fred Buyle, three freediving world records, the only person to freediving more than 100 meters, the image of Athens Watch, he contributed to this project by marking the lemon shark.

“Lemon sharks are not aggressive to humans, but this does not prevent them from becoming an endangered species. Labels are essential to help us understand your lifestyle in more detail.”

Ulysse Nardin Watch Diver Lemon Shark
Model 8163-175LW / 92-LEMONSHARK


Black DLC steel
The diameter is 42 mm.
Undercut unidirectional rotating bezel.
Laser engraving background.
Water resistant to 300 meters.
Sandblasted black dial.
Super luminous index.


Self-winding mechanic
Time and date function
Power reserve 42 hours.

R-STRAP black,
Velcro with titanium element