Hublot Big Bang Integral

Hublot Big Bang Integral Toutbillon Observer Observation and Big Bang Tall Jewelry Creation A new work should cause enthusiasts to think about this Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon full blue gem – watch has almost released sapphire crystal cartridges and matching integrated sapphire crystal bracelet. This clear wonders will be paired with the interior of the gyroscope rope.

Although the first luxury introduced the price of sapphire crystal cases of approximately $ 1,000,000, Hublot took the lead in introducing this incredible material (from the 1980s observation crystal front line) to watch the price of the case More high-end luxury clock consumers usually spend. Ablogtowatch reviewed a different sapphire Hublot to see the big bombing unico magic sapphire. Hublot not only has a clear synthetic sapphire, but also has a color sapphire crystal, which increases the new fashion size. That is to say, “pure” clear sapphire crystals have a unique attraction, which is its own.

From the distance, sapphire crystal watches and aesthetic quality is very challenging. Because of its warmth and smooth, sapphire crystal feels very different, not to mention the new dimension of the aesthetics, to enjoy the new possibilities of engineering and craftsmen created by this ultra-high-end watch.

This special Hublot Big Bang is based on large explosion points. This is the evolution of a big explosion, including a new integrated bracelet. Hublot then followed up the large explosion of the big explosion. Now, we see that not only the overall bubbles based on the gavene wheel, but the entire case and bracelet are made of sapphire crystals.

Hublot’s goal is to create transparent watch boxes and bracelet design. At this time, since the bracelet requires a metal component to keep the link together, it is impossible to completely remove all non-blue metals, and this condition requires structural components such as washers to ensure water resistance. The final result is the construction of spectacular luxury watches, and Hublot points out that its goal is increasingly creating a visual experience, where the dial and motion seem to float in the space above the wrist.

The inside of the watch is the internal manufactured Hublot Caliber HUB6035 based on the automatic movement of the microphilic. The 243 component mechanism is designed to be open and transparent as possible, with symmetrical design, including flight gyro and front-wall platinum microphes, sitting on the main column barrel. This movement only shows time and operates on 3Hz (21,600 Vph), and the power supply is 72 hours. Although the dial is clear and easy to understand, it can be easily read by highlighted large explosive hands and application hours.

The pure technical challenge for making the complete sapphire crystal Fake Cheap watches is to attract a large number of intellectual components, and the unique wear experience of such a watch is definitely a romantic romance, not some wearer. This special sapphire watch is only 30 limited editions.

Although it produced from sapphire crystals, from 18K Platinum and 484 Ba-cut diamonds, Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon High Jewelry is another very spectacular time clock – in the past 14th marks 30 unique high jewels in Hublot. creation.

As the CEO of Ricada, Hublot explained: “Our main goal: surpass all restrictions, to challenge us to surpass our preliminary expertise, and achieve excellent wrists with full set of stones Table, and crush all the record working hours, the number of Crapers, the set of sets, and the selling point. In this case, our tabular – in mechanism and complications – and our identity – the integration of our identity – still It is essential. Hundreds of hours of flowering is ready – from the design, about setting gems, looking for and cutting stones, and setting itself – because set a watch like a big explosive whole gavenever jewelry is true technology and aesthetics achievement.”

This truly excellent Joaillerie has a complete diamond set, a baffle, a crown and a crown shield, and a 18K Platinum Bracelet – a traditional British tradition, 2007 began with Hublot fake one million.