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The Breitling Endurance Pro

Breitling cheap has been trying to pursue their history. Since this year, we have been popular with classic classic “top time” Avi Ref. 765 1953 Reprogramment and quite popular rainbow carved superocean heritage ’57. And that is before we consider the impressive 80s inspirational Chronomat series. Some people may say that this is the CEO Georges Kern, which returns to him a happy traditional hunting ground, but as shown in the new Endurance Pro, the Breitling years of spirit is not afraid of occasional challenge limit.

With a Breitling-year-old (Breitling), it is carefully created the sports and leisure tables they say – in view of the professional wardrobe working at home this year, I can’t think of a better time. Before studying the legislative part of the equation, we will discuss ATH first.

The replica endurance pro is the result of the three-year Leedron three team members Jan Frodena, and he wants to know which watch is best for his high performance lifestyle. In this regard, this table brings people a surprising (although far from unbearable) is light, this is a clear gospel for regular running, swimming and cycling to punish distance. Centennial Spirit By using two typical Breitling years of spiritual materials, this is a Breitling years of spirit and heat compensation quartz, which realizes this lightweight appearance (rubber table only 64.28 grams).

Breitlight is the material launched in 2016 in 2016 and debut on Avenger Hurricane. This is a proprietary trademark polymer whose weight is 3.3 times larger than titanium, 5.8 times larger than steel, but is hard than both. Moreover, different contact black watches similar to many appearances are not made of carbon fiber composites. However, although the Breitling-year spirit has always been silent for this light material, they are still happy to discuss their advantages, but these advantages refer to weight and wear resistance, but also anti-magnetic, corrosion resistance and low-alone Original. In short, this is what you want to use to make the material of the mounted movement. After years of beating in the track (or venue), this 44 mm case is likely to look like a new table.

Quartz technology is also an important arrow in a cheap Breitling years of piling, which continues to provide advanced quartz technology in its watch or super quartz table. Now, this quartz is really great. In addition to obtaining an astronomical clock certification, the Breitling-year spiritual quartz movement has also been specially adjusted to compensate for temperature changes, thus making the watch more accurate. In terms of functional, Endurance Pro keeps a clean state – providing traditional timing functions through 1/10 seconds and 30 minutes of timer. The whole package is waterproof depth of 100m. If you ask me, it feels very close.

What is the leisure of sports and leisure equations? Ok, for beginners, there is no need for any watch with any play or troubles at all, it is very casual. In addition, the rubber strap and the internal baffle also mixed with bright colors, you will find that the watch can work or meet at home.

Centennial Spirit 82 movement, temperature compensation Superquartz chronograph and date display

Case and dial
Breitlight, 44 mm in diameter, 12.5 mm high, waterproof level up to 10 bar, sapphire crystal and rugged bottom cover. Black dial with white, blue, yellow, orange or red interior border.

Rubber with Breitlight double-pin buckle. best quality replica watches