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Richard Mille Bonbon series

Richard Mille Bonbon series

Richard Mille launched the Bonbon series on SIHH, which is the sweet representative of fruits and candies on high-end watches, ten to be precise. Cécile Guenat, the artistic director of Richard Mille, said that while the series conveys subversiveness and fun, it also conveys good cheers and joy. In short, the series is “creative”, not the usual output of Richard Mille, but close to DNA.

The French watchmaker created a sweet feeling with 10 limited edition models. The self-winding movement is limited to 30 pieces. Essentially, the Bonbon Collection has three classic Richard Mille-shaped watches. They are RM 07-03 (curved barrel), RM 37-01 (round barrel) and RM 16-01 (square). The foundation of the watch is based on these three shapes.

A watch with a twisted marshmallow shape – RM 07-03 Marshmallow, and the other is the most popular treat in the United States – cupcakes – RM 07-03 cake is named as plate-shaped liquorice, which is RM 16-01 Réglisse, Inspired by lollipops. RM 37-01 Sucette colorful spiral.

The watch cases of the Sweets series are made of lavender, white, light blue or dark blue, pink, yellow, green or gray ceramics. The dial of each watch is decorated with candy made of “Grand Feu” enamel or titanium coated with black chrome.

In the same series, the series is also dedicated to fruits – for example, the fruit salad watch is RM 07-03 Myrtille/Blueberry, RM 16-01 Citron/Lemon, RM 16-01 Fraise/Strawberry, RM 37-01 Cerise/Cherry and Kiwi fruit RM 07-03 lychee/lychee, RM 37-01 kiwi fruit and cherry, and other flavors. The figurines on the dial are coated with acrylic resin, then painted and coated with frosted enamel and very fine sand.

This is done to give it a crunchy sugar effect. The six cases of this flavor include colored quartz TPT and carbon TPT. In this series, Richard Mille (Richard Mille) also showed a new turquoise hue for the first time in the world. Approximately 3,000 miniature sculptures on the watch are painted with acrylic and painted by hand.

The “sugar coating” effect is due to the enamel powder and fine sand used in the hourglass. I like the way the tiny candies decorate the fruit series, and the way the four two-tone ceramic shells decorate the candy series.

RM 07-03 Automatic Litchi & Myrtille

CALIBRE CRMA2: Skeletonised automatic-winding in-house movement with hours, minutes and variable-geometry rotor. Dimensions: 45.32 mm x 32.30 mm x 11.93 mm.

Circa 50 hours (±10%).

Microblasted grade 5 titanium with an electroplasma treatment gives great rigidity to the baseplate, as well as precise surface flatness which is essential for the perfect functioning of the gear train. The bridges are also in grade 5 titanium, microblasted and electroplasma treated.

The skeletonised baseplate and the bridges were subjected to separate and extensive validation tests to ensure optimal strength requirements.

This type of balance wheel represents the ultimate in innovation. It guarantees greater reliability when subjected to shocks and also during movement assembly or disassembly, hence better chronometric results over time. The regulator index is eliminated, and a more accurate and repeatable adjustment is possible thanks to 4 small, adjustable weights located directly on the balance.

This variable-geometry rotor has been incorporated into the CRMA2 calibre to makes it possible to effectively adapt rewinding of the mainspring to the user’s activity level. The setting can be modified by adjusting two weights that can be adjusted and fixed in place by spline screws. The inertia of the movement is increased when the two weights are closer to each other; the barrel then rewinds more quickly. If the weights are positioned at the extremities of the rotor, the inertia is decreased and the barrel winds more slowly.

Rotor specifications

  • Heavy external outside edge and heavy edge ring in 5N red gold – Weight segment in heavy metal

    • Ceramic ball bearings

      • Automatic OneWay® ceramic winding system with ball bearings – Bidirectional winding system

FAST-ROTATING BARREL (5 hours per revolution instead of 7.5 hours)
This type of barrel provides the following advantages:

  • The phenomenon of periodic internal mainspring adhesion is significantly diminished, thereby increasing performance. – Provision of an excellent mainspring delta curve with an ideal power reserve/performance and regularity ratio.

The entire going train of the best replica watches uk, the primary transmitter of power through the movement, utilises a special profile for the teeth of the wheels. Developed specifically for Richard Mille’s in-house calibres, the wheels employ a 20° pressure angle. This system equalises any discrepancies that might arise between the centres of each wheel, for instance, during thermal changes and normal use, and promotes excellent torque transmission to the balance wheel, thus supporting excellent chronometric characteristics.

This permits better control of the torque applied to screws during assembly. These screws are therefore unaffected by physical manipulation during assembly or disassembly and age well.


  • Movement dimensions: 29.90 x 22.00 mm

    • Thickness: 4.92 mm

      • Jewels: 25

        • Balance: CuBe, 4 arms, 4 setting screws, moment of inertia 7.5 mg•cm2, angle of lift 50° – Frequency: 28,800 vph (4 Hz)
  • Balance spring: AK3

    • Shock protection: INCABLOC 908.22.211.100 (transparent) – Escapement wheel jewels: Rubifix (transparent)

The design and execution of the watch demonstrates a complete conceptual approach to the movement, case and dial. As a result, everything has been constructed according to extremely rigorous specifications and in complete harmony. For example, a casing ring is no longer used, and the movement is mounted on chassis mounting rubbers (ISO SW) fixed by 4 titanium screws. Features such as these are evidence of uncompromising workmanship. The front bezels of the RM 07-03 Litchi and Myrtille are made from Carbon TPT®, a remarkable material with a unique finish obtained by layering hundreds of sheets of carbon fibres using an automated process that changes the orientation of the weft between layers.

Heated to 120 °C in an autoclave similar to those used for aeronautic components, the material is then ready to be machined at Richard Mille. During this phase, the many layers of Carbon TPT® are revealed, creating random patterns that make each piece unique.

The RM 07-03 Litchi caseback employs white Quartz TPT® while the RM 07-03 Myrtille is made of a new turquoise Quartz TPT®. This material is made according to a process identical to that of Carbon TPT®, but from silica threads. The turquoise is a new colour added to the brand’s collection. The different colors are achieved by using matrix resins developed specially for Richard Mille by North Thin Ply Technology (NTPTTM).

Their casebands use a gradient of Carbon TPT®/white Quartz TPT® and Carbon TPT®/turquoise Quartz TPT® respectively, creating an elegant color transition from the bezel to the caseback.

The tripartite case is water resistant to 50 metres, ensured by 2 Nitrile O-ring seals. The case is assembled with 12 grade 5 titanium spline screws and abrasion-resistant washers in 316L stainless steel. replica watches uk

In grade 5 titanium with grey Titalyt® treatment.
Each candy is painted with acrylic paint, lacqued by hand. For the sugar effect, crushed enamel and very thin sand for hourglasses were used.
Thickness: 1.60 mm

Bezel side: in sapphire (1800 Vickers) with anti-glare treatment (2 sides). Thickness: 1.60 mm
Caseback: in sapphire with anti-glare treatment (2 sides)
Thickness: at the center 0.95 mm and outer edges 1.67 mm


  • Microblasted anglage

    • Microblasted-milled section

      • Microblasted sinks

        • Electroplasma treatment for the baseplate and the bridges


  • Satin-finished surfaces – Hand-polished anglage – Hand-polished sinks

    • Burnished sections


  • Lapped and polished ends – Burnished pivots

    • Polished post faces


  • Concave chamfering with a diamond tool

    • Diamond-polished angles

      • Circular-finished faces

        • Rhodium plating (before cutting the teeth)