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Bell and Ross BR 05

The new cheap Bell & Ross BR 05 series currently offers three dial colors, all made of stainless steel. In addition, a limited edition and gold version of the skull and crossbones will be launched on the way. Since its release last month, Steve Ashby has explored the inspiration behind these watches.

When a brand launches a new product, I like it. I’m not talking about adding some additional color variants, or even introducing limited editions into existing production lines. No, I’m talking about something completely new. This shows that the brand is still growing, developing, designing, willing to take risks, and perhaps most importantly still eager to please its fans.

When I first saw a Bell & Ross watch (BR 03 on a tan leather strap), I was not sure, but as a friend told me, unless you have tried it, please do not exclude the watch. After hearing these suggestions, I put the BR 03 on my wrist, and suddenly my opinion changed. Based on the appearance of the aviation dial found in the cockpit of a fighter jet, the timepiece displays a round dial in a square case. Although my small wrists are weird, clumsy and oversized, they actually look incredible and are very comfortable to wear. The longer I watch, the more interested in its charm. Nowadays, the idea of ​​buying Bell & Ross watches without the brand trademark square case seems to be a bit wrong.

Although this new model represents a departure from the style of the previous model, it continues to have a family style. Despite only a short attempt on the watch, I can already say that this is a model I added to my wish list.

The cheap Bell & Ross BR 05 watches is the brand’s first foray into the field of luxury sports watches. This is the market segment dominated by Patek Philippe Nautilus and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, the similarities between these two watches and BR 05.

The angular case, the smooth satin and smooth surface, and the decorative screws on the front of the watch are all obvious. These design elements are deeply rooted in the brand DNA of Bell & Ross. However, the new integrated bracelet is the brand’s first product, fundamentally changing the appearance and adopting the aforementioned Nautilus/Royal Oak design language. In my opinion, the new bracelet is inspired and looks great. The only thing that surprised me was that Bell & Ross did not release BR 05 early.

The series includes three core steel watches, as well as black, blue or silver sunburst dials. All products can be obtained with a rubber strap or the one-piece bracelet mentioned earlier. The skull version (only 500 pieces) is scheduled to come out later this year. However, the pinnacle of the series will arrive in late November, when wholesale fake Bell & Ross will release an 18ct rose gold BR 05 version with a black sunburst dial. This style will be available on the black rubber strap, and the rose gold integrated strap is available for watches seeking a true statement of personality.

These cases have slightly more rounded corners than some other Bell & Ross models, but the rounded corners are not so large that they lose the brand’s iconic appearance. Although I like square cases, I can still understand why they may not suit everyone’s tastes, so moving in this direction should make the brand appeal to a larger audience.

All watches are equipped with a new automatic movement BR-CAL.321, which has a simple date indicator at 3 o’clock. The only exception is the Skeleton Limited Edition, which will include BR-CAL.322. The latter movement is similar to BR-CAL.321, but abandons the date window to replace some additional processing.

Words cannot express how much I like these watches. When I read the media literature of the brand, the word I always see is “city”. To be honest, this is a complete summary of the watch. The Bell & Ross BR 05 model is smart enough to be worn for business meetings or interviews, but it is also suitable for casual wear, making it perfect for everyday wear.

Since its inception, the swiss replica watches usa media has eagerly written about the similarities between these timepieces and other luxury sports watches. Although this new series shares some design elements with Nautilus and Royal Oak, Bell & Ross still managed to retain its own unique and unique design language. Whether it is square or square, it is controversial, but what is certain is that BR 05 is highly practical, robust and incredibly stylish.