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Maurice Lacroix Aikon Chronography automatically watch

Replica Maurice Lacroix Aikon Master Grand Date 45mm watch AI6118-SS00E-430-C Price

Case:stainless steel
Cuts:45 mm
Gender: men
Glass: Sapphire
Dial: Blue
Thickness: 15 mm
Band Material Type: stainless steel,leather strap
Water-resistance : 100 m
FUNCTIONS : Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Date
Year : 2021

We all have a special brand in our hearts, even if they are not fully recognized, they are very popular. In fact, I have encountered many enthusiasts, I prefer the value of the brand, which will not have something that everyone has every person. This is especially true, in the 5,000 category of collectors or AfICISDOS, they lasted for a while, although it may be bored or unable to be enthusiastic because everything might be bored with every peak of every influence or mill. Their instagram feed. For me, this brand has always been Morrism Grick. In Baselworld 2018, they launched a rebellious AIKON series – now has mechanical movement. This month I have the opportunity to automatically shoot Maurice Lacroix Aikon Chronograph, I didn’t find it.

For the sake of transparency, I have a little prejudice to the Aikon series. Many years ago, I continued to steel sports watches and spent a period of time and comparing different watches within budget. I can’t afford the usual Royal Oak, Nautilus or Overseas Echelon, but I want some something that feels similar – at least – visually and suitable and completed. Enter Maurice Lacroix Aikon Gents. It is perfectly suitable for the bill, I pulled the trigger. It quickly became my most worn watch, eventually became my daily hound.

At the time of purchase, there is only quartz action. Therefore, the switch to automatic movement is most of the new collection. I am arguing that it is late, but I know that Morris Langrick is trying to fill the affordable gap between their collections – and in this regard, I think they have succeeded. Many forum residents feel that this brand is victorious, but I think it provides an achievable model to show the PenChant of replica MAUREICE Lacroix to perform in detail, without additional content.

let’s start. There is no sugar coat it, this is a big boy compared to previous models – but not so big. In the case of 44 mm wide and 15 mm thick, the stainless steel box must have some wrists, and there is no sliding under the cuff – although this is a course, based on most 7,750 watches. We will discuss the depth of the dial within a minute, but the height of the flat blue gem crystal and the raised baffle “paw” make the watch tall and definitely. One thing I appreciated is compared with the previous iteration, this is the 6-carat the baffle is not like a prominent or circular. The sharpness of sharpness nature means they have not been grasped by threads or edges (especially denim bags), and more presented a modern movement look, truly throughout the watch.

The large screw is pushed down to make the watch a bigger. Although it is completely honest, I think that the promoter will make me feel more than what they do. I am used to them there, I don’t think they feel uncomfortable or on the road. Unlink is not as much as tightening the string. It may be a lucky, or I have wore a watch in my right hand, but they seem to have never caught it, I will never judge whether they are completely engaged, and will not put the watch in their heads. I don’t know how many people actually use the chronograph, but I think it is worth mentioning – especially if you are a member of the left-handed crowd.

The housing and the integrated roller angle provide a comfortable cooperation and offsets weight, and I have not worked to put it on the top of the wrist. The replica watches review is very heavy, I certainly can’t say “I forgot there”, because I realized the nearest door frame and deliberately moved in my wrist. The brushing texture of the case made it a scratch magnet, as well as the table residents like me eventually found some scratches I haven’t conscious. But in general, the case is a superb example “good”, better than I expected, I usually think too much and too heavy because my taste.

Turning to the second my favorite part of dials and watches (hold on, we will enter the first part), Maurice Lacroix knows how to make a delicate, clear and readable dial that is truly beautiful. This is my first idea. My first I fell in love with the brand the first time I touched it. I mentioned the high bezel and sapphire crystal before, and I really feel that this is the feeling that gives the dial depth and overall quality, and this feeling is much higher than its price point. Due to the high height, there is almost no glare on the dial, and the position of the crystal is high enough to make the inner wall of the watch attractive, but low enough to feel compact and small. Therefore, many brands that manufacture large chronographs based on the 7750 tend to create so-called “wasted space” between the crystal and the dial, which makes the watch look cheaper and has poor contrast with the dial. Think of Breitling in its 46mm to 50mm phase, and the huge gap between the bottom of the crystal and the top of the dial. Therefore, I commend Maurice Lacroix for avoiding this situation here.

The dial itself has an etched square pattern with a blue outer ring for the chronograph-a welcome step compared to the predecessor’s Sunburst pattern. The steel inner wall creates a sharp contrast, then the blue chapter ring, then the white dial, then the blue sub-record, making everything “burst” and, under certain lights, making the white dial almost Become pearly or silver. The 6, 9 and 12 chronographs have alternating “snail-shaped” or round finishes, and have polished counter scales. If they are directly confronted, they will disrupt the Warhol-like square and circular patterns and look a bit clumsy.

Although I found it to fit the layout, I dismissed the Day-Date window and quoted “unnecessary”. Sandwiched between the best Maurice Lacroix logo and the text and the word “Auto” underneath, the brand “Hamburger” (not to try it now) looks great, and there is no interference. The polished edges of the windows are closely integrated with the smooth bar index and the clean, shiny polished hands. Polishing is particularly shiny on the square-patterned dial, so I tried to observe its visibility in low light, without brightness, and clearly visible, the light consistently captured the edges. In fact, I used many lights of different colors to see if it still reflects well on my slender hands and index fingers. Except for black light, almost everything is easy to read-although there are no hour markers full of time, Features of the previous generation.

Inside the Aikon automatic chronograph is the ML112-a movement based on ETA or Valjoux 7750-but it looks like a better 7750 compared to another Valjoux-based chronograph I own. I will avoid using the most common industry vocabulary(s) related to this sport, but to make a long story short, it is tried, true, tested and capable. In addition, I don’t necessarily think that buyers who are snapping up goods are looking for novel and cutting-edge technology, coupled with the affordability of providing maintenance services for the movement, will not let anyone find a practical chronograph to pass the time.

Maurice Lacroix replica did not simply keep it as an undecorated movement. The Geneva strip can be seen through the sapphire bottom cover, which covers the entire length of the rotor and some debris behind the rotor. In addition, even with the sapphire caseback, the watch is water resistant up to 200m-this is not only very useful for chronographs, but the wearer can also go swimming with confidence (assuming it will not play a timekeeping role). anchor). The movement beats at a speed of 4 Hz and has a power reserve of 48 hours.

Now to my favorite part of the watch, the bracelet. Maurice Lacroix, especially Aikon series, historically, I have made some of the most comfortable bracelets, the price is within their competitive price range (to be honest, the leather options are also very Comfortable), and Aikon automatic chronograph is no exception. Actually, I would say that the predecessor of the new bracelet has legs.

The bracelet has the function of a quick release system, and the operation is very simple. I can eject the bracelet with my nail, and then replace it with another strap within 30 seconds. The quick release mechanism usually loosens the movement slightly, but this watch has nothing. Once it clicks into place, it is firm and there is no tension or swing. That being said, because of the two-prong lug design, the wearer needs to make a custom strap or buy one of the three strap options from the brand itself – I can imagine this will irritate those who like it. Take the fan to change the bracelet to something fashionable. Personally, I am very satisfied with the bracelet and I cannot imagine changing it.

The place where the bracelet meets the case is almost a perfect gap. The remaining 5-link design and the taper on the side of the wrist are gradually reduced together, without rigging or untraining. I know that “rehearsal” seems to be a weird word describing design aesthetics, but that is to say, the strap is not too exaggerated or carefully designed, it is effortlessly fixed to the watch, there are no obvious gaps or design shortcuts-smooth . From the buckle to the various positions of the case, each link seems to fit perfectly, and even the gaps between them are evenly distributed-in watches of this price, this is less and less common. The spacing between the links is usually tighter than in the case, and looks inconsistent and spotty.

The frosted bracelet has some polished edges to provide excellent contrast, instead of the previous version of the center chain being greatly elevated, Maurice Lacroix opted for a more reserved, almost flush design. The bracelet is inherently thin, adding a less vivid feel to larger watches-providing some subtleties without compromising comfort or wear resistance. Don’t think this is fragile, because this watch is as strong as any chronograph I have worn. The buckle decorated with a bow is not irritating and can fit well on the inside of the bracelet, so that the abdomen feels uniform, and there is no obvious discomfort. Overall, this is one of the most comfortable and attractive bracelet products I can find at any price.

In the process of checking this watch, I have almost nothing to complain about. Almost every aspect of the watch has been carefully designed and carefully designed until the weight is reduced, which adds another layer of perceived luxury. From the news pictures, I am worried that it will become a bit boring, but once the subtle differences and design are worn on the wrist…well, it can be said that it exceeded my expectations, and it has been there from my positive experience Very high standards. My former Maurice Lacroix (Maurice Lacroix) has been for many years.

Maurice Lacroix (Maurice Lacroix) Aikon Chronograph Automatic Watch is close to the market. Buyers are looking for sturdy, high-quality steel sports watches, but they cannot or will not spend $20,000 to buy Audemars Piguet or its One of many luxury competitors. I think there have been many improprieties when Aikon Collection imitated or in some cases was a “straightforward” counterfeit of “Royal Oak”, but I don’t think this is a fair comparison. Yes, it needs some design queues and some aesthetic references, but it definitely has its own style and personality that an all-steel chronograph can have. Aikon automatic chronograph enhances the appearance of enthusiasts well without joining the 5-digit club, I don’t think “if you can’t afford it, you should not have any options available” style”-this is three years I found myself when I bought the original Aikon Gents, and it is still my feeling for the latest series.

Maurice Lacroix Aikon automatic chronograph with its simple design and ubiquitous appeal fills in the often crowded and expensive stainless steel chronograph part. generic? Perhaps for many people, it can also be worn universally, and its charm and quality do not require a second mortgage.