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Bremont and Kingsman

It is mentioned that the UK luxury watches replica brand Bremont’s professional knowledge of the upcoming movie goldsmith: Secret service, this week we believe we will bring you more details to this highly expected release.

Kingsman’s circumstances roughly surrounded the same premise of secret service comic books, the story of a British espionage, which provides a street child opportunity to serve the agency when the vicious global technical figure threatens. Although this film is just a loose refurbishment of popular comic books, this concept is still the same, and if you pay close attention to the entire movie, then “Goldsmith” agent can see the sports Bremont watch.

The Kingsman agents and students in the movie will be similarly equipped with these high-performance time meters, which is said to be used as the “tools” and “gadgets” of Kingsman agents, and at least two variants have been determined so far. As we mentioned in the last mentioned, the intern spy is equipped with black time, very based on Bremont Alt1-B (as seen from various angles), but once they graduated, then they will provide a more rich rose gold The instrument is on the crocodile belt.

Kingsman Mavel Matthew Vaughn said that Bremont provides a natural choice for this movie, because this British theme spy thriller has already shown a lot of other British brands. Military and specialties emphasize that Bremont is another factor in many of its watches, indicating that the connection is a seamless factor. As you can imagine, Bremont replica Joint founder’s Nick English is equally passionate about this arrangement, and a suspicious thing is that the appearance of Kimman agents to protect the passenger string is just a wonderful cooperation. Complete the touch.

According to the Bremont Station, Kingsman watches will provide the public in September, although further details are unclear. Kingsman: Prime Minister of Secret Service in mid-October, so there is another time before this movie is actually released. However, Kingsman watches are expected to play a major role in the expansion of the whole story plot, and we are sure to see that these Bremont is closed on the big screen.

Although Kingsman watches have not been unveiled, you can access a variety of Bremont watches in Bank, including the Blemont Alt1-B2 GMT chronograph watch, which is almost twins that are the clocks worn by the internship agent. This special Bremont model has been provided, and the gold medal team has no sense of wise movie when choosing a wise movie, which is very wonderful.