Unforgettable at first glance-Hublot’s new product is so cool

Hublot released a lot of new products at this year’s LVMH Watch Week. Among them are two new Big Bang MP-11 watch masterpieces, which are made of scratch-resistant magic gold alloy material and high-tech synthesis. Blue sapphire material. This time, the watch house got one of the magic gold models. The first impression when I saw this watch was that it was really cool.

This watch is made of magic gold material. Hublot’s magic gold material is special. Compared with traditional precious metal materials, magic gold has extraordinary scratch-resistant properties and is more practical. During the production process, Hublot engineers innovatively synthesized pure gold and boron carbide, a super-hard high-tech ceramic material, to finally create this special 18K synthetic gold material.

The 6 H-shaped black-plated titanium screws on the bezel form a sharp contrast with the color of the case, which highlights the unique and eye-catching color of the magic gold case.

The large-sized grooved crown is decorated with a worm wheel spiral pattern. On the one hand, this design is more exaggerated and avant-garde, echoing the overall design style of the watch, on the other hand, it can also facilitate the wearer to grasp the crown.

The most special thing about the Big Bang MP-11 watch lies in the special design of the dial. The off-center hour and minute display is located in the upper part of the entire surface, and the hour markers and hour hands are presented in gold, making the reading of the time clearer.

The HUB9011 hand-wound movement mounted on the wholesale watch is a member of Hublot’s self-made movement. The movement uses a hollow design, and the mechanical structure is clearly visible on the front of the watch. The seven tandem barrels are very eye-catching. The power reserve indicator is located on the cylinder on the left side of the tandem barrel, corresponding to the gold “DAYPOWERRESERVE” on the sapphire crystal. This movement has an extra-long power reserve-a 14-day power reserve.

To ensure the power transmission between the horizontal spring shaft and the vertical gear that controls the hour and minute display at 12 o’clock, the movement uses a 90-degree spiral gear transmission system that is rare in the watchmaking industry. The balance wheel has been changed to the large dial at 2 o’clock, and the spiral gear is at 10 o’clock. The two face each other, creating a harmonious and symmetrical beauty.

The luminous effect is also very special and beautiful. The watch is equipped with a black rubber strap.

Playing avant-garde, playing boldly, in today’s watchmaking world, fake Hublot does not lose at all. The new Big Bang MP-11 watch injects fresh blood into this series of watches. The innovative materials and unique design make us unforgettable at a glance. If you are interested in this watch, you can pay more attention to it. This new Big Bang MP-11 watch magic gold model is limited to the world.