Luxury Chopard Alpine Eagle watches

Can the replica Alpine Eagle, a place eagle, can you occupy a place in the top of the food chain?

We will experience the latest series of Chopard, which dates back to a well-known classic style in the early 1980s, and studies whether this raptor can define the integrated bracelets and housings and other steel high-end sports watches.

Background – Phoenix rises from the ashes

In recent years, the demand for stainless steel moving fake men watches made from the Audph Philippe and Patek Philippe is very large. It is particularly worth mentioning that there is a high level of Reference 15202 and Reference 5711, respectively, and a global authorized dealer is difficult to eliminate speculators from real watch collectors and enthusiasts.

According to the current situation of the market, people can explain the Alpine Eagle as an attempt to use this phenomenon. However, this is wherever you misunderstand. The inspiration behind this series can actually be traced back to the early 1980s, when a ambitious 22-year-old man was the name of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele (now the Joint President of Xiaobang and His sister Carlin Schpler, jointly proposed his first watch father Carl (Karl) took over the headquarters in Geneva after 17 years.

The watch launched by ambitious Carl Friedrich will be named St. Moritz (German for Sankt Moritz). This name is inspired by the alpine resort in the Swiss Engadine area. The “Alpine Eagle” series of Chopard may be from St. Moritz, but I will have a bit creative, and the “Alpine Eagle” of Carl Fritz involves the family business in further development. Let people think of the eagle first left the nest and open the wings, let people think of Karl-Friedrich into the entrance of Chopard.

Considering how the Swiss watch industry has just recovered from the quartz crisis in the early 1980s, as well as a large number of stainless steel sports watches with integrated bracelets on the market, this is an adventurous move, but it will not be a bad side, because It has become the best-selling product in the long-term production of Chopard, and approximately 50,000 pieces have been sold in 16 years. St. Moritz (St. Moritz) placed the market in 1980 and produced a slightly updated version at the end of the production. Rumorful (at least in more senior clocks) Yes, Saint Moritz series is eliminated with the launch of Chopard, Chopard, Chopard, the launch of Chopard, Chopard, but I have not received any official authorization. Confirmation.

It even produces a model with a Frederic Piguet integration chronograph. Refer to 8386. Frederic Piguet 1185 Movement has been widely used by many companies, and has been more than 30 years since the date of birth, and many watch enthusiasts are considered high-end movements. From a comparison perspective, this is very interesting, because Patek Philippe’s first casual elegant sports watch with internal development and manufacturing timing machine, with guide column wheel, vertical clutch or even flying complex functions, this In 2006, he became the highlight of the present, and Audemars Piguet released their Royal Oak Offshore (Number 25721ST (also known as THE BEAST)) as early as 1993, a modular tabtogram table. In contrast, Jiang Shoden launched the first generation of Frederic Piguet movements in 1999, and its movements have been admitted within 1938, and I speculate that the distinguished manufacturer of Fiyas (Phidias) has the same movement – it may be very good to be launched at a certain time or earlier after the Chopard reference 8386.

However, it must be kept in mind that the chronograph is one of the most difficult complex functions that start designing and developing from scratch – the consumer at that time is not too much attention to whether the self-made movement is concerned. Despite this, from a pure watch point of view, Chopard chooses to select high-end timing core during the production process of St. Moritz. But I have left the question.

When the St. Moritz series is released in the early 1980s, it is the first sports watch of the manufacturer. It is also their first steel time, from a pure historical perspective, this is Very interesting because they were previously considered to be a watch for manufacturing. Formal wear. Since then, Chopard has entered other fields with its Mille Miglia and Superfast series, especially in the field of racing sports. With these watch series, as well as more traditional LUC series – honestly, the Alpine Eagle series fills the gap in the Chopard catalog, because the series provides the best choice for two worlds with its leisure and elegant design. . In other words, the Alpine Eagle Series maintains an appropriate balance between motion and formal, so it is very suitable for the office and Tuesday night in October, Tuesday night with special women share cocktails in K-Bar.

Therefore, from a symbolic point of view, people can explain the alpine eagle as a rebirth from the ashes of St. Moritz.

Material – Chopard fake watches discovered a new philosopher’s stone?

Chopard’s alpine eagle clearly echoed St. Moritz. However, different from its predecessor, it is made of a special material called Luo Luo Steel A223. A new proprietary alloy, partially composed of recyclable stainless steel (70% recycled, 30% can be minimized by 100% traceable route), with three unique features.

One of them has comparable properties with surgery, thus having a high degree of skin compatibility. Another interesting aspect of their new alloy is its wear resistance because it is 50% higher than conventional steel resistance, so it has a unique hardness (i.e., the Vickers hardness is 223, so it is the name of Chopard new alloy. ). If you are a surprise friend that is very concerned about the situation, then this is very convenient, and it can also reduce the pressure (widely understood).

Based on my experience of Patek Philippe’s Nautilus and Aquanaut and Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore, when we deal with such exquisite watches, avoid scratching, including hairline, indeed very difficult, these are divided Steps – consist of satin matte and polishing surfaces. Therefore, it was shocked by Chopard’s LUCENT STEEL A223 because it allows the wearer to be more focused on the use of the watch, but not worrying over excessive combat traces on their form chain and housings.

Last but not least, the latest alloys of Chopard have excellent homogeneous crystal structures that make it reflected in a unique manner. Chopard’s innovative alloy makes people think that the brightness of diamond depends on minimal impurities, and its impurity content is much lower than traditional steel, which ensures that its brightness and brightness can be compared with gold.

Considering the above benefits, I will pay tribute to Chopard. He actually adds some real novel and interesting content for the genre, and these content seem to have been out. Chopard’s four-year research and development investing in the production of such new complex alloys and industrialization. Honestly, I can’t help you have a burnt friend and a celebrity, including musicians and movie stars, to view the Alps’ eagle in an open mind, because these areas really open to other high-end stainless steel watch with integrated functions. Bracelet and housing.

Chopard swiss watches may have not found a new philosopher’s stone, but there is no doubt that they put forward a universal and innovative solution to solve the universal concern in the hearts of many times. This also represents a big step towards the direction of sustainable luxury. This is in combination with the manufacturer to use the gold production hours using fair mining. Therefore, I am very happy to see our planet is no longer subject to watch enthusiasts. Phambers enjoy luxury timepiece. From a symbolic point of view, it is comparable to the brilliant, flying champagne plugs and lovely ladies in the 1980s.