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Gasoline head corner Talking with replica Bell & Ross co-founder Bruno Belamich about design, cars and Bollinger cars

Talked with Bell & Ross’s “Bell” on topics related to design and automobiles.

Today, we bring you an extraordinary series of Petrolhead Corner. Usually, we will stumble upon some interesting news or historical news to see if it is worth expanding, and share it with readers in the weekly plot column. This time, according to news reports, a watch manufacturer is cooperating with a new car manufacturer. Bell & Ross recently announced a partnership with Bollinger Motors of the United States. We think it’s interesting to ask Bruno Belamich, the creative director and co-founder of Bell & Ross, a few about his love for cars, how it connects with Bell & Ross, and the problems that may be encountered in the future between the two companies. While discussing, we will also discuss all aspects of design and the car.

Bell & Ross is no stranger to the world of car design and partnerships. Of course, it has a long-term cooperative relationship with Renault F1 and was renamed Alpine Formula 1 in the 2021 season. In the past few years, this joint sport has produced several new watches, inspired by the colors of the French racing team, mainly the distinctive Renault yellow and black. Bell & Ross x Renault F1 watches have both the familiar square case BR 03 series and the round case BR V series.

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But Bell & Ross cheap is also known for envisioning modes of transportation, whether it’s cars, motorcycles, or even airplanes. It dates back to 2011, when Bell & Ross teamed up with Shaw Harley Davidson to create a unique motorcycle. Then came the B-Rocket bike designed by Bell & Ross in 2016, which was the inspiration for Bell & Ross BR03-92 B-Rocket. Another example is the Bell & Ross Aero-GT and Aero-GT3 concept cars jointly developed (virtual) with car designers and loyal to the spirit of the Paris brand. The upcoming full lap is a pair of watches inspired by 3D rendered cars.

Moving forward, Bell & Ross has now announced a new partnership with Bollinger Motors. So far, the US-based startup has spared no effort to develop all-electric, all-wheel drive, all-terrain vehicles. One of the benefits of an electric drive system is that you can abandon the traditional structure. In appearance, it looks like a large truck with high practicality. But internally, it is the difference between Bollinger trucks and traditional trucks. For example, putting all the batteries and engines in the chassis will open the (traditional) engine compartment, which can be used completely as a loading space. The result is a full-length pass from bumper to bumper, allowing you to carry unusually long items. Based on this configuration, there are many variations, including versions for commercial use. These cars are not cheap, the price is about 100,000 US dollars, and time will tell how successful this company will ultimately be. On paper, it appears to be a powerful alternative to even more products of the unconventional Tesla Cybertruck. CarWow explains more in this video. This video comes from the video when the Bollinger prototype was first shown, and it shows all the elements that make this Land Rover Defender-style car so unusual.

When talking with Bell & Ross’ Bello Belamich about the partnership with Bollinger Motors, we asked him a few things about his love for cars and the prospects for the two brands to work together.

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Bruno Belamich, creative director and co-founder of Bell & Ross – As you might expect, I have always been interested in creation and product design. I have always wanted to know what is behind the new products. In the field of design, cars, fashion or sports equipment are indeed innovative and inspiring fields. As far as cars are concerned, there are very important economic benefits. Behind it, there is an entire industry whose survival depends on the success of the new car. There is a lot of wisdom in creation and innovation, so as a designer, especially as a watch designer, I inevitably owe it to myself. I am lucky to see what is natural to me. Whether in the watchmaking industry or in the fields of automobiles, fashion or architecture, it happens in all creative fields.

For the love of cars, can you explain how it fits the best Bell & Ross brand?

There is a real connection between the watchmaking industry and the automobile industry. In watchmaking, we talk about dress, and in the automotive world, we talk about bodywork. The chassis wraps the engine and the box wraps the machinery, but in these two fields, people have the same desire for function, and the same attention to detail, shape, material and ergonomics. Both departments must also consider the same elimination criteria. The question is how the product will develop, how to age or overcome trends and wear and tear over time.

Automotive partnerships and concept art have been established in the cooperation. What are you looking forward to in such projects?

We have cooperated with many brands in the automotive field. We work with Renault’s Peugeot and Renault. These brands are essentially French brands for obvious reasons. This can be explained by my past experience as a student designer, which gave me the opportunity to meet students who became very good car designers at the time. Among my former classmates, there are people in the decoration industry, people in fashion, and people in the automobile industry. We maintain close contact, so I have the opportunity to work on car interiors, especially on the dashboard, and finally have the opportunity to use Peugeot brand phones in concept cars and even production cars (908 RC and 308 RCZ). In one of the projects,

In addition, for us, F1 is also a great source of inspiration for high-tech, materials, design and style. Therefore, since 2016, we have launched 3 to 4 sophisticated new fashion watches with different price ranges every year. These watches are inspired by and use the same materials and design techniques in Formula 1. These are the standards of patience, portability, precision and shape that we are looking for that inspired our product range.

The latest project is a new company jointly developed with Bollinger, which is developing an all-electric multifunctional off-road truck. How did this come from? Where did you find each other?

While surfing on the Internet or social networks, I came across this brand by chance, and immediately a kind of evidence appeared before my eyes. It immediately jumped out of my mind because there are similarities between the design of this car and the design of our watch. Fauvist and minimalist design, so we thought it was fun to connect with them and see what we can do together. Then, when we sent them the design of the watch, we immediately shared the evidence. Therefore, we communicated and decided to first co-create content and communicate it with our respective communities. Sale fake watches