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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak “Rainbow” 15413BC

Make it a rainbow: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak “Rainbow” 15413BC Assuming that your friend is comfortable enough with Rolex AD to grab Rainbow Daytona or colored gem set Day-Date. Now, even if you receive a call from one of them, you will always be called the neighbor and ran away. If in the form of this watch, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak “Raudebow” Audemars Piguet Royal Rubber and Plastic Watch (Raudebow) 15413BC, the most popular Rainbow Rolex in the world, can fill a person with money in the pocket, there is hope to appear on the horizon on.

Seriously, it can be said that the person who obtained this watch has already surpassed the needs of Beyond Jones. Just like the standard 41mm 15400 Royal Oak, this Rainbow retains a recognizable shape while also managing to become the brightest single object in the glass room on sunny days. Unfortunately, most of these Rainbow cheap Royal Oaks will permanently preserve their existence, so the mystery and brilliance of the watch becomes even more special, which can at least make a little fantasy.

Imagine taking your 15413BC to the local Whole Foods if you wish. Even the most distant shoppers can marvel at the diamond pavé dial from a distance. If they are lucky, they will find that the diamonds on the concentric circles on the dial are of the highest quality, demonstrating superb craftsmanship and precision. The brilliance does not stop there. Along the meat aisle, when you stretch out your arm and choose only the finest Kobe beef filet, the butcher will just be confused. There is no doubt that the fact that there is a double French bread cut diamond index every hour will fascinate him, and there are four French breads at twelve o’clock to stand out. The butcher must think: “What kind of madness is this? Diamonds are above diamonds?” When you thank him for his steak and move on.

Once you finally arrive at the checkout and pull out the darkest black card to buy the goods, everyone in the line will smile when they witness the 15413BC boycott. The bezel greedily attracted people’s attention, and no less than 32 rectangular-cut sapphires were taken from the diamond-encrusted dial, and the rainbow colors continued to form around the bezel. Sapphire is so good and harmonious in reproducing the best natural light phenomenon that your checkout partner will applaud and shout for you to get a smartphone photo when the transaction is completed.

Maybe that kind of shopping trip fantasy may be a bit exaggerated, but the rest of the Royal Oak Rainbow is definitely not exaggerated. In addition to the gem feast at the top, there are all classic Royal Oak trees below. This is a good thing. Platinum is composed of a case and a bracelet, retaining the sharpest edges in the watchmaking industry, a tradition that has lasted for nearly fifty years. The use of the most discreet gold tones helps increase opportunities for Rainbow and Diamond specialty stores. Dare to speculate that white metal can also help the wardrobe pairing? The overall weight of the watch with gold and gems is large enough, so the wearer will also get the free benefit of one-sided bonus exercise.

Audemars Piguet swiss pays tribute to the rainbow with the absolutely outstanding 3120 movement. The most impressive aspect of this movement is the date window at three o’clock. Although this window is very powerful, it replaces the precious real estate that can hold at least four diamonds and an entire baguette. Curiously, AP moved his logo from the dial to the laser etching on the sapphire crystal to accommodate more diamonds. When you turn the watch over and observe the movement itself through the sapphire glass frame of the back cover, this misalignment of priorities has long been forgotten. The 3120 movement is firmly framed by a thick platinum porch and is equipped with classic AP slotted screws, which will seriously damage anyone’s OCD, because all slots are aligned randomly. You can also turn your attention to the movement itself,

In the author’s opinion, the ultimate and most important attribute of this buy AAA replica watches is a water resistance of up to 50 meters. For me, swimming a few laps in an outdoor swimming pool and tying up this gem-like engineering feat really imagined the fantasy of owning such a work of art. I know that will never happen, but the thoughts that might happen next time are enough to keep me smiling the next time I get flooded.