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Replica Greubel Forsey GMT watch price

With the help of GMT Sport, Greubel Forsey replica has crafted a sports watch with a beautiful case structure, although the case design is refreshing. For sports watches, it is important that despite its large size, it is still wearable.

Perhaps more critically, the watch is more than just a new set of clothes. It has a new movement architecture that can produce greater depth on the dial while still retaining the original GMT function. But there are no movement-specific modifications to the movement, which will be an interesting development of the movement, but it may be unnecessary if its current structure can cope with the increased movement.

The bridge and bottom plate of the typical Greubel Forsey movement are made of German silver, while the GMT Sport movement is almost entirely black-treated titanium to achieve maximum weight reduction. But the surface treatment is the usual Greubel Forsey style, with matte treatment on most flat surfaces.

Like the early GMT replica watches, the dial is on three levels: the raised sub-dial for the second time zone, and the rotating disc for the small seconds, the dial, and the sunken aperture for the globe and tourbillon.

But on GMT Sport, the various elements of the dial have been rearranged to maximize the visual depth and fit the curved case. The hour and minute hands occupy the highest plane of the movement, while all other elements gradually decrease.

The tourbillon is positioned on the diagonal of the 24-hour globe, and everything is surrounded by a raised minute track on the periphery of the dial with a mark pointing to the center of the dial.

All elements have been carefully conceived and completed; an arched V-shaped bridge rises upwards, holding the hour and minute hands, and the small gears in the block letters of both hands sit in the golden on tube. The hands are filled with the words Super-Luminova. These hands are hollowed out and curved along the length to match the curvature of the crystal.

Since most of the bridges and the bottom plate are coated with black coating, the steel pointers stand out. They are driven by a visible gear transmission that is contained in the V-bridge and is visually separated from the tourbillon. A differential of the power reserve indicator is located behind the train where the pointer is moving, and is almost invisible. The differential is slightly engraved with the value of the brand, and its font is much smaller than the font on the frame.

Like the tourbillon bridge, the bridge used for the pointer has a recessed, blackened center, and its edges are glazed. However, the bridge between the arches of the train wheels used for traveling has a frosted finish and no slope to match the frosted finish of the bridge. Despite being a relatively small element, the pivot holes on the two small bridges are still beautiful countersunk holes – a testament to the advanced decoration made by Greubel Forsey.

Like the two-tone titanium case, this movement also reminds other watches. But the similarities are very shallow-the completion effect of GMT Sport is far more than other sports.

Although the completion and scale of the reconstruction are impressive compared to the original GMT, it is worth noting that the movement has not been adjusted for sports purposes. For example, the automatic movement in Lange Odysseus is based on the existing movement, but has a larger balance wheel that can increase inertia when running at higher frequencies, so it can improve stability even in the face of shocks . However, GMT movement may not be necessary.

On the back of the fake men watch, the world time dial shows the time in 24 time zones, each time zone is represented by a city, and all city names are engraved on the sapphire dial.

Cleverly, the CD also considers Daylight Saving Time (DST). Cities in time zones that comply with DST are displayed in white, so in summer, the internal 24-hour system can be used to read the correct local time. In winter, the case back uses an external 24-hour embossed ring.

A significant difference between it and the original GMT is that the gold-plated wheel that represents the sun has been removed; on the original model, the steering wheel indicates the time zone during the day, which has a certain degree of redundancy on all components in front. Therefore, eliminating this part will not cause any loss.

Interestingly, the screws used to fix the case have a proprietary trilobal head, which requires a special screwdriver to turn. Other Greubel Forsey watches already have proprietary screws of different designs to fix the case, so this is an unusual detail.

Greubel Forsey GMT Sport

Diameter: 42mm
Height: 15.7mm
Material: Titanium
Water resistance: 100m

Functions: Hours, minutes, small seconds; second time zone; world time with DST; 24-hour rotating globe; power reserve display
Winding: Hand-wound
Frequency: 21,600bph, or 3Hz
Power reserve: 72 hours

Strap: Rubber with titanium folding clasp