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Laureato Laurel Series Absolute Crystal Rock watch pays tribute to classics and embraces the future

GP Girard-Perregaux is pleased to launch the Laureato Laurel Series Absolute Crystal Rock watch, a brand new model that has gathered the rich experience accumulated by the brand since its establishment in 1791. As the latest masterpiece of the Laureato Laurel Series, this watch not only inherits the traditional essence of this iconic series since 1975, but also makes full use of professional high-tech to reflect the vision of embracing the future wholeheartedly.

Following the pace of the first batch of Laureato Laurel Series Absolute watches in 2019, this sports chronograph is launched with a strong and light high-tech glass carbon case. It can be said that the Laureato Laurel Series Absolute watch is a subversive evolution of the classic Laureato Laurel watch. The “sandwich” dial structure interprets the deep three-dimensional sensation in a witty and interesting manner, and thus achieves a pleasing, charming and highly clear and easy-to-read display. Inside the watch, the self-made GP03300-1058 self-winding movement of the brand fully demonstrates GP fake Girard-Perregaux’s renowned professional watchmaking skills.

The story of the Laureato Laurel Series began in 1975. Since its inception, this sports watch has become a unique existence with an octagonal bezel and an integrated bracelet. The neat straight lines and the exquisite curves dance together in the same field. The polished and satin matte surfaces complement each other, and the extraordinary personality blooms in the agile atmosphere. Over the years, the Laureato Laurel Series has continued to add new members, but the design features of the initial models are still passed down to this day, achieving its iconic status that is standing firm.

Last year, GP Girard-Perregaux launched the Laureato Laurel Series Absolute watch, in addition to portraying the essence of the iconic first model in 1975, it also revealed the unique personality of men’s toughness and courage. Now, GP Girard-Perregaux is full of enthusiasm to open a new chapter in this legend: Laureato Laureate Series Absolute Crystal Rock watch, avant-garde futuristic design style defends the brand’s meticulous, perfect professional skills and excellent reputation.

The newly launched chronograph has a diameter of 44 mm and the case is made of glassy carbon. Glassy carbon is strong and light, so the Laureato laurel series Absolute Crystal Rock swiss watch weighs only 94 grams. This high-tech material is forged with layers of carbon fiber and glass fiber under high temperature and high pressure, mixed together and shaped accordingly. The resulting case presents a matte and slightly textured finish. In particular, the materials of each layer are randomly distributed, which makes the appearance of each watch case different, and therefore makes each watch unique.

The dial adopts a “sandwich” style structure, which is divided into upper and lower layers, with windows on the upper layer, which partially see through the lower structure. The upper layer is made of gradual gray, while the lower layer is black and gold. The two are contrasted, forming a contrasting beauty. At the same time, some of the details on the dial (such as the Barton time scale) appear to be concave, adding a three-dimensional dimension. All in all, the dial cleverly uses layering as a whole, showing its profound charm. There are three snail-shaped hour dials under the upper dial, and the flange around the dial is a minute scale, which improves the clarity and legibility.

Laureato Laurel Series Absolute Crystal Rock watch is equipped with the brand’s homemade GP03300-1058 self-winding movement, containing 419 parts, all manufactured in accordance with the strict standards of GP Girard Perregaux.

In order to improve wearing comfort, the Laureato Laurel Series Absolute Crystal Rock fake watch uses a gray rubber strap, decorated with a fabric effect pattern, with gray stitching, the overall harmony and unity. The case and strap are seamlessly connected to each other, showing oneness. The black tone of the case and the gray tone of the bezel are harmoniously radiated. The rubber material used in the watchband is different. Compared with traditional rubber, it is more flexible and more durable. The black titanium folding clasp is equipped with a fine-tuning design, which can fine-tune the size of the strap, thereby achieving the right wrist fit and an unparalleled comfort experience.