Urwerk UR-100V«T-Rex»

Creatures waiting to be tamed

T-Rex is the name of the latest iteration of Urwerk’s UR-100 series. It carries Urwerk’s genome at the satellite moment and the gene of the same name in the original texture of the reinforced bronze skin. UR-100V Tyrannosaurus Rex is definitely the creature you want to tame.

The 41mm UR-100V T-Rex has satellite walk time and a new automatic winding system. However, its scaly mosaic leather has a more sexy texture. This watch is designed for those who make only 22 sensational and rare watches.

Its shell is solid bronze treated three times in succession. The first is the abnormal composition of the alloy, which results in a delicate patina. Then, place the bronze on a computer-controlled milling station, which is engraved on the scale pattern on the top and side of the case. The final process, sandblasting and biochemical polishing give the watch its unique color.

The scales cover the head and sides of this magnificent reptile in the form of raised lozenges and surround the flat dome and large corolla of sapphire crystal. The beveled pyramid is truncated and polished to present a pleasant surface, while the PVD black titanium back cover is completely compatible with the skin.

No one knows whether ancient dinosaurs have a voice, but T-Rex watches certainly know how to express their voice. In Urwerk’s animal kingdom, signed satellite instructions can speak. Three satellites, each for four hours, rotate on a three-arm carousel. In turn, each satellite that shows the hour has a red pointer for 60 minutes.

The regular orbit of the hour is as old as time itself, replicating the planetary dance in miniature. When you wear it through the rotor, the watch winds up. It is connected to a device called Windfänger dedicated to the UR-100 model. It is a planetary gear that can limit the movement of the rotor, thereby avoiding excessive winding and excessive wear.

Finally, UR-100V T-Rex has the function of bringing other watches into the age of dinosaurs. Once the red hand of the satellite hour has completed its 60-minute journey, it will reappear to show the distance traveled by our planet.

On the 9 o’clock scale of the case, the pointer shows that a point on the equator has traveled 555.5 kilometers in 20 minutes. The 20-minute scale on the other side of the dial shows the 35,742 kilometers of the earth orbiting the sun at that time. copy watches