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Purnell Escape II

Luxury Purnell Escape II Rose Gold Replica watch

Luxury Purnell Escape II Forged Carbon Replica watch

Brand Name: Purnell
Model Number: Escape II Forged Carbon
Item Type: Replica Escape II Watches
Case Material: Forged Carbon,round
Movement: hand winding
Gender: men
Dial Diameter: 48 mm x 19 mm
Dial: Skeletonized
Glass: Sapphire
Boxes: common box package without paper
Year: 2020
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Band Material Type: Genuine crocodile or natural rubber
Power reserve: 32 hours
Functions: Hour, Minute, and Power Reserve indication via an ingenious suspended mobile cone mainspring sensor.

Purnell’s Spherion is perhaps Mr. Coudray’s most peculiar tourbillon so far. It is a three-axis tourbillon composed of three nested cages. The escape wheel and balance wheel are mounted on the innermost cage. The principle behind this structure is the same as that of all multi-axis tourbillons: the combined rotation axis of the three cages is more effective in terms of average gravity error, because it puts the balance in multiple positions.

The technical genius responsible for Purnell Spherion and later MB&F Thunderdome was Eric Courdray. Now, Mr. Kudley is now in charge of the complexity workshop TEC Ebauches. He is famous for creating certain tourbillon movements during the heyday of complication in the 2000s. The most famous one is the Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon. It made headlines when it debuted in 2004.

The multi-axis tourbillon recently launched by Mr. Coudray, including the MB&F Thunderdome, is distinctive due to the rapid rotation of the cage, providing users with vivid visual effects. Escape II is equipped with a three-axis double tourbillon tourbillon.

Albert H. Porter (1836-1908) specially designed the escapement for the tourbillon to make high speed possible. He was a New Yorker and moved to Geneva in 1875.

Although almost unknown today, Porter was an outstanding watchmaker at the time. He used an organically shaped bridge to make a very unique pocket watch movement. Although Porter produced cheapest watches in small quantities, he was a prolific inventor. In addition to the tourbillon lever escapement, the Americans also invented an improved version of the inclined tourbillon and pivoting pawl escapement.

By design, the traditional tourbillon completes one rotation every 60 seconds, which doubles the display of the cage. This structure makes the escapement device (ie balance wheel, pallet fork and escape wheel) rotate around the fixed fourth wheel. During the rotation of the tourbillon, the escape wheel meshes with the fourth wheel through a pinion, which acts as a speed reducer, adjusting the speed of the tourbillon to 60 seconds per revolution.

In order to speed up, the entire mechanism needs to be redesigned. Porter achieved this goal by reducing the number of parts, eliminating the fixed fourth wheel and escape wheel, and replacing the parts with a single fixed escape wheel ring facing the inner teeth. The balance wheel and pallet fork interact directly with the escape wheel ring without any reduction gears, thereby making the rotation faster-for Purnell Spherion, it is eight seconds.

The innermost cage of the Purnell Spherion three-axis tourbillon can only be quickly rotated through the Porter escapement. Refer to the picture above, the fixed escape wheel is installed on the middle cage (red). The innermost cage (yellow) containing the balance wheel and fork is driven by the rotation of the middle cage. The middle cage is driven by the rotation of the outermost cage (blue). Finally, because there is a pair of external cages, both are driven directly by the movement, while the energy of the barrel is separated by the differential.

A similar structure using the Porter escapement in a multi-axis tourbillon was found in the recent MB&F LM Thunderdome. This is an inevitable comparison.

But there is a key difference between Spherion and Thunderdome: Thunderdome achieves its speed by adding a carousel to the outermost cage. Moreover, because the Thunderdome’s dome uses a highly dome-shaped crystal to make the movement more vertical, it has a large cylindrical balance spring and a hemispherical balance wheel. In contrast, Spherion has a more traditional flat balance spring and free spring balance wheel structure.