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Jacob & Co. Confusing Complications


Jacob & Co. continues to innovate the world of jewelry and high-end timepieces, creating novel and spectacular works, and constantly promotes the development of the watch field in the design of high-end timepieces.

The brand treats each model with meticulous attention to detail, from its heartbeat to the magnificent gems that adorn it.

Jacob & Co. once again demonstrated surprising capabilities by launching the new Opera Watch. It represents the world premiere combination of two traditional Swiss crafts: a mechanical music box with two cylinders and combs, and an exclusive Jacob&Co. JCFM02 three-axis tourbillon movement. In this new complication, two cylinders and combs are mounted on the movement and rotate around the dial when the melody is played.

Making music boxes has been a traditional Swiss craft for hundreds of years. Opera watches combine this handwork with high-end watchmaking craftsmanship. This watch played an unprecedented 120-tone melody. Thanks to the exquisite one-piece sapphire crystal, Opera’s mechanical principles can be shown to everyone, and the movement delivers the purest sound. The button at two o’clock drives the rotation of the entire movement and melody. The tourbillon is also related to rotation. The inner cage rotates every 40 seconds, the middle cage rotates every 3 minutes, and the outer cage rotates every 8 minutes.

Finally, in order to display the time at 12 o’clock in a consistent upright position, both the dial and hands rotate counterclockwise, while the movement moves in the opposite direction. 650 parts manual winding JCFM02 movement is specially developed for this complication, using JACOB&CO. Titanium alloy components can achieve excellent sound transmission. Jacob & Co. Opera watches are available in two versions: a minimalist 18-piece limited edition with black and gold high-end surface treatment; and a unique model in which a beautifully decorated cylinder depicts a romantic night, in collaboration with the orchestra, and in the movement There was a pair of dancing partners.

Opera CASE: black DLC-coated titanium alloy, dome sapphire crystal, sapphire back, water-resistant to 30m Dimensions: 47 x 20mm Movement: manual winding, movement JCFM02, 120° rotatable in 20 seconds, sub-hour and minute hands Disc, triple-axis gravity tourbillon (the first cage rotates in 40 seconds, the second cage rotates in 3 minutes, and the third cage rotates in 8 minutes), emitted by two rotating cylinders Music Melody DIAL: Rose Gold Bracelet: Black Alligator Leather with Rose Gold Folding Clasp

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Extreme complications

Jacob & Co’s Twin Turbo combines two three-axis tourbillons and a decimal minute hand, making it one of the most complex and unique complex watches. Through the balance system, the two tourbillons maintain the same speed, each cycle of 40 seconds, 3 minutes and 8 minutes, while rotating symmetrically at a similar speed. The loud and resonating bells of the minute repeater with the cathedral gong provide a modern method for striking the hour. It is not a traditional quarter-minute sequence of hours, but a decimal transponder whose minutes are timed in units of ten minutes. There is also a safety system to prevent collisions at the set time. The JCFM01 manual winding movement requires two years of research and development, totaling more than 3,300 hours.

The two tourbillons and the minute repeater represent the rarity of the Grande Complication timepiece. They are housed in a uniquely shaped case that consists of 63 parts. Its sporty appearance incorporates titanium and carbon on its exterior, making it ultra-lightweight. Inspired by the extraordinary car design, its flange is made of red neoalithe. The intricate and curved smoked sapphire crystal opens the impressive “engine”, which is equipped with two three-axis tourbillons. The transparent bottom cover reveals the abstract structure of the triangle in the hollow metal. Company founder Jacob Arabo (Jacob Arabo) dear, this symbol of stability, spirituality and determination, is the iconic product of Jacob & Co.

Twin-turbocharged case: rose gold and carbon fiber, hemispherical sapphire crystal, sapphire back, water-resistant to 30m Dimensions: 57.30 x 51 x 16.90mm Movement: manual winding movement, JCFM01 movement, hours, minutes, The decimal point timer on the cathedral gong, dual three-axis tourbillon (the first cage rotates for 40 seconds, the second cage rotates for 3 minutes, and the third cage rotates for 8 minutes), with dual mechanisms during the chime process Safety dial: smoked sapphire, neoalithe flange strap: black alligator leather with rose gold folding clasp

Dancing with the stars

After two years of development, Jacob & Co. launched the astronomer solar energy at the 2017 Basel International swiss men Watch and Jewelry Show. The eight planets of its solar system are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The 44.5 mm case of this model is equipped with a JCAM19 movement and has three arms. The first to keep the sapphire hour and minute scale. Thanks to the patented differential system, it can rotate counterclockwise to ensure that it is always upright at 12 o’clock. The second has a dual-axis gravity flying tourbillon. The third arm is engraved with a hand-carved dirt, which rotates around its own axis for 60 seconds and around the dial for 10 minutes. The center of the movement is decorated with 1.5 carats of Jacob cut® citrine.

The two-way movement rotates in a clockwise direction, and it takes only ten minutes to complete a full 360-degree rotation, while the Tanglin base rotates in the opposite direction at exactly the same speed, thus forming an accelerated, stylized view of the solar system. The idea behind the Jacob & Co. Astronomy series has always been to highlight the position of the earth in the solar system in an environment suitable for gem setting-after all, this is the basis of our concept of time. In astronomical solar energy, all eight planets in the solar system occupy a place on the dial for the first time, and the sun is centered in the form of a 1.5 carat citrine with the indisputable JacobCut® 288 facets.

The new internal movement makes it possible to reduce the size of the case, new functions and faster rotation speed. The manually-wound Jacob & Co. Calibre JCAM19 has a beating frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour), which is faster than any other astronomical model. Despite its small diameter, it actually contains 439 components, excluding precious and semi-precious stones. The new astronomical solar energy continues the astronomical abstract description tradition of the universe, combining high-end Swiss watchmaking with Jacob & Co.’s ability in sourcing and cutting the highest quality gemstones, thereby literally and visually expanding Up the view.

Astronomical solar case: rose gold, hemispherical sapphire crystal, back cover and strap, water-resistant to 30m Dimensions: 44.5 x 21mm Movement: manual winding, movement JCAM19, hour and minute hands on the sub-dials, hour hand 60 Seconds, flying dual-axis tourbillon, 60-second hand rotates the earth, two-way movement rotates clockwise within 10 minutes, Tanglin base rotates counterclockwise within 10 minutes DIAL: sapphire crystal, pink metal gold-plated bracelet: black alligator leather, with Rose gold folding clasp

Jacob & Co. continues to develop the field of watches in the design of high-end timepieces.

Epic chronograph

The Epic X series launched by Jacob & Co. at Baselworld in 2013 is synonymous with sports and an active lifestyle. In 2017, it has been integrated into a new series, namely Epic X Chrono. This new timepiece has a 47mm case and is one of the most refined high-end chronographs. The core component of the new Epic X Chrono model beats the Jacob & Co. JCAA05 skeleton automatic chronograph movement. This high-end chronograph movement is equipped with guide wheels to activate the timing function. Its counters are arranged in a so-called “double compound” format. As a practical additional function, Epic X Chrono has a rotating inner ring that can be set with a countdown timer. The high-end finish of the movement can be appreciated through the transparent sapphire crystal back cover.

There are four versions of Epic X Chrono, which are known for using high-tech materials. Both watches made of 18K rose gold have a white ceramic bezel, a red or black rotating inner ring and a chronograph. The black DLC-coated titanium dial shows the sporty style of this chronograph, with a red inner frame that matches the red rubber buttons. This all-black watch is equipped with DLC-coated titanium, a black ceramic bezel and contrasting red counters and buttons, which exudes a motorsport appearance. In all versions, the skeleton movement can be seen through the red mineral crystal. In order to obtain a customizable appearance, the rubber strap is available in a variety of colors: white, red and black with a honeycomb pattern. The screw-in crown ensures water resistance up to 200 meters, and the addition of rubber components makes the Jacob&Co. Epic X series suitable for sports use

Epic X Chrono case: Titanium, black ceramic bezel, red rubber button and crown, sapphire back, water-resistant to 200m Dimensions: 47 x 14mm Movement: Automatic movement JCAA05, hours, minutes, small seconds, rotating inner Ring, column wheel chronograph DIAL: red mineral crystal, red anodized aluminum inner ring BRACELET: black rubber, titanium folding clasp