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HYT Skull boy

HYT, a Swiss practitioner of advanced watchmakers, has recently redefined how to use fluid to define hours to interpret time, and recently launched the HYT skull Boy. Angus Davies, the conceited “Goods Two-Shoes”, studied this amazing time scale that exhibits offensive stripes, which Due to avant-garde aesthetics.

I would describe myself as “two pairs of good shoes”, a kind soul, always seeking to be consistent with social norms. For the time I can remember, I have been trying my best to please myself, trying to please my parents, teachers, friends, authority figures, employers, etc. However, “good men” usually do not recruit girls. Indeed, it is the “bad boy” in the proverb that has to mingle with many women who admire women and cannot satisfy their naughty female yearning. Yes, it seems that every girl loves a bad boy.

Now, HYT is one of my favorite independent watch brands, and has chosen to refer to these “calculated” types through Skull Bad Boy. When all girls like bad boys, do all boys like HYT skull bad boys?

Skeleton watches and clocks are inextricably linked. This type of watch celebrates mortality and its close connection with time, reminding the wearer that every moment is precious and must be cherished.

HYT unveiled the prelude to its Skull front page not long ago, providing a red or green vibrant liquid with a stylized description around the head for you to choose from. Personally, although I appreciate the originality of the product when it was released, I am not a big fan of these early Skull models. To my surprise, I freely appreciate most watches with these three special letters HYT.

But when I was introduced to HYT skull Bad Boy, I was immediately fascinated by its extensive use of black, the undertaker’s favorite color. In addition, I found that the centrally located head is indeed fascinating, thanks to its mottled, two-tone surface composed of gray and black shades. Like the women mentioned earlier, I also like “bad boys” and fell because of their non-compliant charm.

When HYT entered the watchmaking industry in 2012, it pushed the concept of creativity and invention to the limit. The high-end Swiss watch company did not try to imitate others, but chose to reshape the description of time. The first model produced by the company, HYT H1 Titanium, contains a green liquid that is pumped through a glass capillary tube around the periphery of a circular dial by mechanical movement to display the time. It cleverly uses the meniscus formed between the green and colorless liquid to represent the hours, and displays the minutes on the more traditional subdial. Since then, other models have been introduced.

HYT H2 continues to use liquid to extend working hours, but this time, the pump driving the liquid is arranged in a V shape, reminiscent of a high-performance car engine.

Other variants of HYT H1 and H2 followed, with different colored liquids, including red and blue. However, Bad Boy Skull is HYT’s first timepiece with black liquid.

The alternative shades themselves may not sound like much. But please don’t get me wrong, every time a new liquid shadow is released, a lot of chemical expertise is used. Each liquid must work in a uniform manner, that is, the viscosity must not change. The liquid must be stable and will not degrade or separate with age. Neither temperature nor ultraviolet light shall adversely affect the fluid. Finally, the meniscus must be kept intact at all times, and the fluid should not stick to the inner wall of the capillary, otherwise it may affect the accuracy.

As the former owner of the chemical plant, I can sympathize with the many challenges that the HYT team inevitably encounters, and more importantly, these challenges must be overcome to release new colors for its models.

Before the launch of “Bad Boy Skeleton”, the liquid used always reflects the available light and looks bright and fluorescent. However, for boys with bad skulls, the behavior of black liquid does not conform to HYT tradition. Conversely, black liquid absorbs available light, making it “unreadable” in the dark.

On its own, the idea of ​​proving that a watch is illegible for a period of time sounds crazy. Indeed, as ordinary readers of ESCAPEMENT know, we often choose watches that are clearly clear and get high ratings for this quality. But, surprisingly, due to its appearance, I can forgive its part-time nature.

The shape of the capillary is similar to that of a bulb, and it is undoubtedly difficult to manufacture due to its numerous bends. It depicts a skull in the center. This interesting hour display is not as easy to read as other HYT models, and even avoids the separate minute display, which is so good on the H1 and H2 models, but again, I forgive the Skull Bad Boy for impaired readability. The fact is, like many so-called “bad boys”, you will ignore any misdemeanor because their innate charm “makes you overcome”; HYT skull Bad Boy is no exception.

I tried to rationalize my preference for this challenging timepiece and attribute its appeal to the artistic appearance it presents to the world. This is a fascinating perfect watch, you can’t help but like it.

The skull is made of composite material similar to Damascus steel. A foundry in HYT, Neuchâtel, created this raw material, which is composed of multiple layers of steel and carbon and “folds itself 256 times.” Each skull presentation has its own unique appearance, and no two look the same. Finally, apply a translucent varnish finish to the surface of the skull.

I personally find the appearance of the skull fascinating. The surface harmoniously blends black and gray tones with charming colors. In addition, by carefully observing the epidermis of the skull, you will be able to observe tiny cracks and give extra uniqueness.

The dial is located between the hour line and the skull. The dial is decorated with Clous de Paris’s “Stud” pattern, which has a charming texture, and the curious eyes attract people to stop and appreciate. The entire dial is surrounded by a black hour track, which is marked with Arabic numerals in “Gothic font”. Ironically, the numbers may be the most traditional part of the dial, continuing the tradition, but in a way that blends perfectly with other modern design elements used.

The left eye has a seconds dial. Its rotating gait is not convenient for measuring the elapsed seconds, but instead indicates that the watch is working and gives out hypnotic eyes during the process.

There is a spare indicator on the right eye slot. With the continuous consumption of the 65-hour power reserve, the eyes become darker and darker.

Skull Bad Boy will not convey information to the wearer in a way that can determine the time with the accuracy of the second. In fact, it is practically impossible to decrypt the difference between 12:31 and 12:34. it’s fine. This is a watch that displays time, with an extraordinary artistic flavor. After putting the watch on my wrist, I can say categorically that I fell on my heels with its sinister clock beauty.


The Skull Bad Boy‘s case is made of black DLC titanium with a micro-painting effect. This watch is not only a bad boy, but also a big boy, a very big boy. The case has a diameter of 51mm and a thickness of 17.9mm. With its titanium case, the quality of this behemoth timepiece is not too great. In addition, there is no problem with its size due to the rubber-coated screw-in crown at 2 o’clock. Indeed, despite my tireless efforts, I cannot induce the crown to stab my wrist or hurt my arm instead.

Another reason for the comfort of the case can be attributed to the shorter lugs, which guide the belt along a downward trajectory as early as possible to easily wrap around the wrist.

Holding a magnifying glass, I repeatedly found a pocket of charm. For example, the lug has a small groove on its outer vertical side. This may be a small detail, but it is these joyful little fragments that enhance the owner’s enjoyment.

Although its inner surface has an anti-reflective coating, the convex sapphire crystal occasionally produces off-white areas. On many watches, I describe it as a slight stimulus, but on this watch, it seems a bit like a mysterious dancer surrounded by a sea of ​​dry ice, adding a sense of mystery.

The screw-in case back is made of sapphire crystal glass, and you can enjoy the sight of the manual winding “exclusive HYT movement”.

Devotees of HYT will be familiar with the manual movement that powers Bad Boy Skull. It is the same as the “exclusive HYT movement” in H1, including H1 Aluminum Blue and my favorite brand H1 Iceberg.

Those readers who are not familiar with the advantages of HYT timepieces can read my previous article to discover the details related to the rhodium-plated bellows pump and related liquid storage tanks.

In the past few years, I have been invited to talk about Haute Horlogerie and Haute Horlogerie at various events. In these demonstrations, I will inevitably end the discussion of HYT and show various images of brand models to the gathered guests and explain the concept of using liquid to indicate time. I haven’t seen anyone who looks surprised.

However, despite the modern and breathtaking HYT products, the brand has never given up the ideals of traditional Swiss watchmaking. For example, if you look closely at the movement inside the Skeleton Bad Boy, you will find a glorious handmade angled bridge decorated with the Geneva ripple theme. Although HYT has some courage in its design, you should take risks and don’t be fooled. This is a serious watch company, good at making high-end watches.