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Franck Muller (Franck Muller) Vanguard Skeleton Skeleton Sapphire

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A one-minute introduction to Franck Muller’s Vanguard Skeleton Sapphire.

Franck Muller was not satisfied with showing off the Vanguard Skeleton manual winding movement through the skeletonized dial, but decided to contain the light in the movement and encase it in a complete sapphire crystal case. Each tonneau-shaped case is made of a single piece of sapphire and takes four months to manufacture-two cases are machined, and the other two are polished and finished to perfection. This enhances the visual appeal of the watch, and its excellent breathability masks the structural strength of its flying tourbillon movement.

Frank Muller (Franck Muller) Crazy Time: 15 Years of Crazy

We eliminated the madness.

It happened on holiday. Franck Muller’s founder of the same name came up with the idea of ​​a “crazy moment”, ostensibly while on vacation in Mauritius in early 2000. But before that, watchmakers have proven to the world that this is a real deal. The man himself is a genius in the watchmaking industry. He appeared in the 1980s as a series of “world premieres”, which are the world’s first watch complications, such as a tourbillon with a time-jumping function and an inverted tourbillon Perpetual calendar.

It is not the most complicated. Even after the launch of “Crazy Moments” in 2002, Franck Muller will continue to shake everything up with more confusing and record-breaking creations. They range from the world’s most complex price cheap watch Aeternitas Mega (2007) to the world’s largest tourbillon Giga Tourbillon (2011).

Is it just crazy? Instead of the classic dial layout (displaying 12-hour markers in chronological order), the numbers are messed up. For example, the number “12” is at eight o’clock, the number “2” is at six o’clock, and the number “3” is at eleven o’clock…you understand.

There is a way to eliminate this damage. The technical premise is actually very simple: the watch is driven by an automatic movement with a hopping hour module on the top. The jumping hour module provides a “crazy” function, which makes the hour hand jump from five positions to the next hour. If you want to draw an imaginary line on the dial to connect the hours, you can draw four neatly arranged, triangular jumping sequences, each jumping for three hours.

I am 15 years old this year. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the creation of the series, the brand released an “Asian Exclusive” commemorative series, which includes entry-level stainless steel watches to attract young watch lovers. These fashion aaa watches are available in 3 sizes and can be cast for male and female collectors. In addition to steel models, they also offer rose gold and diamond-set options. Each dial maintains youthful vigor, with a bright color-red, blue, green or black-on the five-minute mark with a belt. This is not the craziest “crazy time” event, but it can convey the spirit of Frank Mueller to more audiences.

Valentine’s Day Couple Watch

There is no better way to prove your eternal love than to give time, right?

Forget chocolate and roses. On Valentine’s Day, timepieces are the only way to go. We have selected four amazing pairs to make your heart beat faster.

Franck Muller (Franck Muller Cintrée Curvex)

The tonneau-shaped watch is more iconic than the signature Cintrée Curvex of Franck Muller. This edition reinterprets other important things in your life, providing him with an elegant rose gold case and a diamond-encrusted case for her. Both dials display classic embossed numbers, while the women’s dial has transparent glass windows with the signature of Franck Muller printed on it. The matching black leather strap creates the perfect look for couples who like to keep it simple but elegant.

Franck Muller – Vanguard Carbon V 45T CS Racing

Reminiscent of the Singapore Conqueror Grand Prix in 2009, Vanguard Carbon V 45T CS Racing, which was also inspired by Formula One, attracted gorgeous sports watch fans.

This watch uses black and red colors, reminiscent of a mixture of dangerous and sexy, and is wrapped with carbon fiber, which is a common material in F1 cars. Other racing motifs, such as the checkered logo on the dial and the pedal buttons on the chronograph models, are essential items, but they can bring guaranteed dynamic quality. There are 28 classic automatic watches in total, and the chronograph has Carrousel complications.