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Jacobs now presents an amazing astronomical tourbillon

The astronomical tourbillon is a poetic visual rendering of the heavens. jacob and co astronomia tourbillon

Under the control of the oscillator in the center of the tourbillon, each element runs in a constant and visible motion, and the essence of our miraculous staring sky is applied to the clock.

The heart of astronomy is the four-armed vehicle, which rotates every twenty minutes. The tourbillon is mounted on an arm. In addition to revolving around the dial every twenty minutes, it also revolves around the axis of the arm that carries it every five minutes, and revolves around its axis every 60 seconds.

The construction of the tourbillon cage is carried out by a large spiral balance wheel, which beats at a speed of 18,000 vibrations per hour, and has a super spiral balance spring with a mathematically correct Phillips terminal curve.

Opposite the balance is a dial that displays hours and minutes.
The hollow dial and the rotating tourbillon frame form an exquisite visual balance, and its Roman numerals add classicism and formal beauty to the overall design. The dial is mounted on a unique and specially designed differential system that allows the dial to rotate with the rotation of the central gear carrier – this ensures that the 12:00 mark is always at the highest position and the time can always be read easily . replica watches online

Two celestial bodies complete the composition: the earth and the moon.

The moon is represented by spherical, light-cut diamonds. In addition to revolving around the dial every 20 minutes, it also revolves around its own axis every 60 seconds. Its 56 small faces continuously capture and refract light, creating the spectacular fire of the diamond. Dynamic performance.

The earth rotates on its own axis every sixty seconds, represented by a globe made of platinum, and the ocean is represented by a deep blue, translucent grand feu (fired) enamel, which requires extremely demanding application and launch techniques. Enamel on the surface.

The orbiting display floats above the dark blue Aventurine dial, which has incredible three-dimensional depth and the appearance of midnight starry sky full of stars.

With all these elements spinning and spinning, every time you marvel at the watch on your wrist, the display of the watch will never be the same. The entire dazzling mechanical display is carried out under the complex, highly domed sapphire crystal, its shape is almost hemispherical, highlighting the miniature appearance of the watch.

JACOB & CO.ASTRONOMIA flawless imperial dragon

The new Jacob&Co timepiece is hand-engraved with hand-painted dragon patterns, wound around the iconic and spectacular astronomical two-axis tourbillon movement. The spinning and spinning tourbillon is fascinating, the spinning hand-painted magnesium-gold globe and the spinning 288-face Jacob cut diamonds are fascinating.

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50 mm


Manufacturing Jacob & Co. Manual winding JCAM29

Hours and minutes


18K white gold folding clasp

Water resistance
30 meters

“Draw a dragon, click your eyes”

The Chinese phrase means finishing touch, and “finishing finishing touch” emphasizes the attention to detail when creating the 18K rose gold sculpture of the Emperor Dragon.

After nearly three months of uninterrupted work, the sculptor carefully crafted and cast a solid 18K rose gold dragon, then polished and completed the sculpture. The dragon is actually four parts-head, body, tail and water underneath-and then must be assembled seamlessly. This is no easy task, because the Golden Dragon is very heavy, and the screws that hold the Golden Dragon together are small, so care must be taken not to damage the surface of the Golden Dragon during assembly.

Then, the dragon moved on to the painter, who completed all the small-scale details on the dragon, teeth, tongue, and yes, dotted the eyes. Therefore, after careful carving and painting, leaving enough gold to shine, the imperial dragon really lives. cheapest replica watches

• 4 arms vertical movement
• Dual-axis tourbillon, the first cage rotates within 60 seconds, and the second cage within 2.5 minutes
• 1 carat exclusive Jacob-cut® diamond: 288 facets, which can rotate within 30 seconds
• Magnesium blue painted globe, which can rotate within 30 seconds
•Hour and minute dial
• 18K rose gold hand-carved and hand-painted dragon
• Material: overall sapphire, after double anti-reflection treatment
• Bottom: Sapphire is double anti-reflective treatment and palladium metal coating
• Bow shape: winding and timing by 18K white gold
• Crystal: unique dome sapphire, with double anti-reflective treatment