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Replica MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT Platinum 05.PL.BLG watch

Red Gold and Platinum Edition

This story (like many people) began with a woman. The origin of the traditional machine FlyingT is attributed to the founder Maximilian Büsser’s reflection on the important role women play in their lives. Legacy Machine FlyingT was launched in the first few months of 2019, showing a rich and complex femininity, choosing to reflect elegance and vitality-powerful toughness-beyond the soft tradition of women, just like in the watch for the XX side of the chromosome divide As usual.

Driven by the energy generated by the sun-shaped rotor, a flying tourbillon protrudes cylindrically from the dial of LM FlyingT. A diamond flashes at the top of the upper tourbillon cage. LM FlyingT has dynamic and precisely designed sports characteristics. It debuts in three platinum diamond versions: one is simply set with a brilliant-cut gem halo on the bezel and lugs, and the other is completely paved with brilliant-cut. Gemstone, another gemstone completely paved with rectangular cuts. MB&F introduced this powerful female watch technology for the first time and won the Complication Award at the 2019 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards.

In 2020, LM FlyingT launched a diamond series, and adopted rose gold and platinum versions to embrace the natural self.

Remove the crystalline carbon crust of Legacy Machine FlyingT and rediscover the central column of the hyperfocus flying tourbillon. Instead of the stretch-lacquered dial, the guilloché plate with a fan-shaped arch radial pattern leads the eye to a dynamic movie of a self-developed engine.

The guilloche dial was executed by MB&F’s long-term collaborator Kari Voutilainen in its dedicated dial facility, and there are two versions. One of the nights is dark as a moonless night, housed in a red gold case, and the other is housed in a midsummer sky blue with a platinum case. When switching between night and day and night modes, the same LM FlyingT is different from the world during day and night.

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The new version of Legacy Machine FlyingT only has a sparkling connection with the predecessor of the diamond armor. On the top of the flying tourbillon named after LM FlyingT, a 0.035 carat monolith rotates in time with the underlying mechanism, rotating once every 60 seconds. At each rotation angle of the diamond (300 per minute, predefined by a 2.5Hz (18,000vph) balance), due to its sharp cut surface, a new prismatic beam is released. replica watches for sale

At the foot of the tourbillon at 7 o’clock, there is a white lacquer surface, with two blue snake-shaped hands showing the hours and minutes. The dial is tilted by 50°, so the wearer can only read the time. Intimate communication shows the personality of LM FlyingT.

On the contrary, the self-winding rotor is a three-dimensional red gold sun shape with carved lines, which provides a four-day (100-hour) power reserve for LM FlyingT.

After launching the diamond-set diamond edition, Legacy Machine FlyingT now offers two limited editions, an 18k rose gold case with a black guilloché dial (night) and a platinum 950 case with a sky blue guilloché dial (day).

About the GUILLOCHÉ dial

The intricate patterns of the LM FlyingT dial are exclusively manufactured by Comblémine, the dial factory in Kari Voutilainen in the high mountains of Val-de-Travers. The unique scallop-shaped design is hand-guided by engraving a rosette on a brass disc.

Each dial is hand-carved in accordance with Voutilainen’s strict traditional watchmaking decoration technical codes. Many of the dialing patterns produced by Comblémine are completely conceived within the company through years of expertise and know-how, and the way to execute them is only known to the most senior members of the workshop (including Voutilainen himself).

The pattern of the LM FlyingT dial has multiple uses and is evocative at the same time, with rich relevance, thereby enhancing the dynamics of the flying tourbillon. From the smooth overlapping discs of the smooth medium-scale scale armor, to the fish scales flying around in the water, to the waves on the fringe of the foam, the radial scallop image of the dial pattern has a rich visual association with LM FlyingT itself.

The association between Voutilainen and MB&F began with the release of the Legacy Machine series in 2011, adhering to his aesthetic signature of super-precision finishes and classic movement design. Since then, every Legacy Machine creation has been marked by Voutilainen’s impeccable feel. The most recent MB&F Legacy Machine Thunderdome has completed the assembly of wheels in its workshop.

About the engine

The mechanical predecessor of Legacy Machine FlyingT mainly belongs to Horological Machine series, namely HM6 series and HM7 Aquapod.

Unlike most modern watch movements, the latter uses radial and coplanar methods for movement construction, while the LM FlyingT engine (and the previous HM7 engine) uses vertical and coaxial methods. The movie-like flying tourbillon boldly protrudes beyond the dial of LM FlyingT. It is a visually stunning example of a rotating escapement. It is in stark contrast with other flying tourbillons, which usually don’t risk surpassing it. The surrounding dial range.

As the name suggests, the flying tourbillon is only anchored at its bottom, and there is no stable bridge to limit the lateral movement of the top. This increased demand for overall stiffness is responsible for the conservative placement of most flying tourbillon movements. With HM6, HM7 and now LM FlyingT, MB&F got rid of the restrictions on the safety of the movement and confidently demonstrated all the glory of its flying tourbillon.

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Another unique challenge posed by the structure of LM FlyingT is the shape of the upper tourbillon cage, which produces greater mass on one side of the tourbillon than the other. In order to compensate and ensure that the mechanism remains balanced, a counterweight is hidden on the opposite side of the upper part of the tourbillon cage.

In order to display the time as accurately as possible on the 50° inclined dial, a bevel gear is used to optimally transmit torque from one plane to another. This solution is first used for HM6 and then for HM9 Flow.

The 280-component engine of Legacy Machine FlyingT has a power reserve of 4 days, which is one of the highest power reserves in MB&F, which proves the growth of in-house expertise and experience.Wholesale replica watches

Technical index

LM flight T

After launching the diamond-set version, Legacy Machine FlyingT now offers two limited editions: 18k rose gold case with black guilloché dial (night) and platinum 950 case with sky blue guilloché dial (day).


A three-dimensional vertical structure conceived and developed internally by MB&F, with automatic winding

A 60-second tourbillon flying in the center, with diamonds on the top of the flying tourbillon cage

Power reserve: 100 hours

Balance frequency: 2.5Hz / 18,000bph

Three-dimensional solar winding rotor, using 18k 5N + gold, titanium and platinum.

Number of parts: 280

Number of gems: 30


The hour and minute are displayed on a 50° vertical title dial with two blue snake-shaped hands.

Two crowns: top left clockwork and top right clockwork


Material: 5N + 18k rose gold and platinum 950

High domed sapphire crystal glass table mirror with anti-reflective coating on the top and sapphire crystal frame on the back.

Dimensions: 38.5mm x 20mm

Number of parts: 17

Water resistance: 30 m / 90’/ 3 atm

Strap and buckle

The calfskin or crocodile leather strap is matched with a rose gold or platinum pin buckle to match the case.