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Nice RICHARD MILLE Replica Watch RM 56-02 SAPPHIRE

Recently at SIHH 2013, I sat on the RM 56-01 Tourbillon Sapphire and we started discussing its childhood. I think it makes sense to conduct a comprehensive analysis.

The innocence of youth is attractive. If you talk to your child, they will share many inner feelings. They did not develop a cautious consciousness or suppressed expression.

Sadly, with the development of maturity and wisdom, we have developed a single-board, armored coated shell to protect ourselves from the inner feeling. Few adults do not experience some form of unrequited love, which leads to feelings of rejection and failure. In addition, as friendships dissipate, frank communication with confidantes can once again trouble stupid people.

Not surprisingly, by middle age, many people have formed a psychological skin made of tungsten carbide.

Sincerity is a virtue, and very few adults. Open heart is is a rare treasure gift. It shows that the provider is comfortable in frankly explaining its internal operations.

This preface brings me to Richard Mille’s latest product, RM 56-01 Tourbillon Sapphire. It is presented in a transparent sapphire crystal case. It shows the wearer’s psychology in straightforward language and conveys every nuance of the heart. It will not obscure any frivolous actions or covertly unwelcome features. This watch is full of soul and invites all acquaintances to analyze.

Recently at SIHH 2013, I sat on the RM 56-01 Tourbillon Sapphire and we started discussing its childhood. I think it makes sense to conduct a comprehensive analysis.

Richard Mille never tried to imitate others by following the traditional path. This is a brand that always ventures into cross-country skiing, so new and undiscovered concepts can be found to attract customers.

The RM 56-01 Tourbillon Sapphire replica showcases this perfectly with a sapphire crystal base. It provides an almost invisible canvas to express the art of watchmakers. The central bridge and the third round of the train repeated the colorless theme.

Show the wearer the rest of the movement and various indications on the dial. It is equivalent in time to showing important organs of the trunk. However, this is not the case, on the contrary. Indeed, it attracts any possible wearer with unparalleled micromechanical principles, floating almost in an ethereal manner.

The hour and minute hands are hollowed out and white. At 11 o’clock, the reserve power indicator floated in the air. The soft red finger points to the curved scale.

The torque is displayed at 1 o’clock. This is an example of the deep engineering strength of the Richard Mille brand. It shows the tension of the spring. For isochronous and reliable operation, there is an ideal tension range, which is displayed in the indication area on the display, between 53 dNmm and 65 dNmm. The display reflects the design of the power reserve indicator, giving the dial symmetry and balance.

I like the function selector on the previous Richard Mille model, and it’s nice to see it appear on that model. The wearer presses the button located in the center of the crown, which selects one of three options for crown operation. The red finger points to W (twist), N (neutral) or H (pointer). Many aspects of Richard replica watches luxury are simple to display and use, and their design and delivery also face great challenges.

The tourbillon frame is located at 6 o’clock, and the dial is made of titanium alloy flange.

Sapphire crystal is a very hard material. In this case, its hardness is 1800 Vickers. Usually used in the watch industry for dials, its scratch resistance is well known. However, its hardness poses many challenges for engineering multifaceted parts.

Transparent materials require time-consuming machining to produce the RM 56-01 tourbillon sapphire case. Manufacturing takes more than 1,000 hours of processing time, of which 430 hours are used to pre-form the housing and another 350 hours are used for the subsequent polishing process. In addition, during milling and cutting, the machining process does not even allow the smallest errors. All of these aspects have led to a rise in manufacturing prices, but perfection always pays a high price.

Recently, I wore the RM 56-01 Tourbillon Sapphire on my wrist, and I found it very comfortable. Based on my experience with other Richard Mille models, this is a foregone conclusion.

Due to the triple structure of the case, the arc of the back of the watch follows the contour of the wrist, which can improve the comfort of the wearer. Here, the front bezel, the strap and the case are firmly joined together, achieved by 24 spline screws in grade 5 titanium alloy and wear-resistant washers made of 316L stainless steel. The complexity of the case is incredible, but the result is magnificent.

Removing the wholesale replica watches from the wrist and admiring the back cover is equally impressive. The unparalleled expertise in watchmaking is simply amazing.

Reading the specification sheet of any Richard Mille model is a technical feast of delicious details. The aesthetic brilliance of the model matches the depth of the project, and a lot of improvements have been made to increase rate retention.

Persistent pursuit of details ensures that friction is reduced and energy consumption is reduced.

The RM 56-01 Tourbillon Sapphire has a power reserve of about 70 hours, which is impressive when you consider the various functions of the watch.

The movement I especially love is finishing. Modernity does not mean that Richard Mille avoided decoration. Instead, the movement has hand-polished parts, bevels and round decorative surfaces. Every aspect of the movement is excellence.

in conclusion
Bravely accept your soul and open your heart. However, Richard Mille never lacked courage, and the honesty exemplified in this exquisite clock form is unlikely to be rationally criticized.

Perfect, perfect has a price, if you are lucky enough to buy one of these outstanding timepieces through financial means, then please do not delay.

Technical index
Model: Richard Mille RM 56-01 Tourbillon Sapphire
Reference: RM 56-01
Case: Sapphire crystal; size 50.50 mm x 42.70 mm; height 16.75 mm.
Functions: hours; minutes; power reserve indicator; function selector; torque indicator; tourbillon.
Movement: Caliber RM56-01; manual winding Frequency 21,600 vph (3 Hz); 28 jewels; power reserve 70 hours.
Strap: Aerospacenano®.