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TAG Heuer cheap has brought back one of its most famous watches by launching the 2020 Carrera 160 Years Silver limited edition watch, which marks the beginning of a new decade. This new product is based on the Heuer Carrera 2447S in the early 1960s and is essentially the silver dial sub-watch of the black dial Carrera Fujiwara Edition since 2018. Both pairs of models use the same movement and 39 mm stainless steel case.

TAG Heuer said that the Carrera series will be the focus of 2020, which means we can expect to see more new watches, and we understand that this will cover the design range from classic / traditional to more modern skeleton models.

The Heuer Carrera 2447S is one of the first Carrera models offered in 1963, combining an eggshell white (initial) dial with a Valjoux 72 movement. The 2447S and 2447N black dials are the purest Carreras in many ways, thanks to their simple and easy-to-read dial-no panda / anti-panda color, no quick scale or decimal point scale, just a minimalist monochrome dial, dial On the inner flange with a minute mark and a clear applied steel hour mark.


Over time, the eggshell white was replaced by a fresher white, and then eventually turned silver, but until 1969 was replaced by the second generation Carrera series, the beauty of this reference remained unchanged.

1996 Carrera version
The silver dial three-register Carrera was one of the first reprinted models released by TAG Heuer in 1996, when the famous Carrera name was revived. The CS3110 Carrera is based on the Carrera 2447D and is equipped with a flat silver dial, but this time with blue external markings.

These exquisite high quality replica watches combine the original 36mm case size with the lovely hand-wound Lemania movement, which has become a classic.

Glass box series
Recently, TAG Heuer has released several watches, which we call the “Glassbox” series. This is due to the domed sapphire crystals on these watches. TAG Heuer calls it Glassbox.

Starting with the 2015 Carrera Calibre 18 Telemeter, the series uses a 39 mm case (same basic size, but the interior has been modified to suit different movements), with a cylindrical button, Heuer brand and a clear bottom cover. The 2017 captain uses the same combination of case and movement, although it is an improved version of Calibre 18.

In 2018 Shard / Fujiwara Carrera managed to fit three registers in the small dial, and was the first series to feature the internal Tag Heuer 02 movement.

Carrera 160 years silver design
The 160-year-old Carrera’s iconic design is the silver dial with a fantastic starlight effect on its surface. The color of the silver telemeter has a warm tone that is almost golden, but this time we used the traditional cool gray / blue silver. This function is combined with multi-faceted steel hour and minute hands, while the sub-dial hands and central chronograph hands are black. The rest of the dial is kept to a minimum-there is no “Heuer 02” mark, only the “Swiss” text is the same as the original text.

Luxury Tag Heuer CARRERA CALIBRE 17 AUTOMATIC CHRONOGRAPH 41MM CV5111.FC6335 cheap watch

You can see from the comparison below that the new dial is much simpler than Fragment Carrera (our favorite best replica watches uk). TAG Heuer will make the sub-meter slightly smaller, leaving room for the installation of the hour meter. The result is peer-to-peer and does not look cramped, but retains all the details of the original content.

In our book, the only imperfect aspect of the dial is the use of the “aged” / beige dial on the hour chart and hands. This is the prevailing design used by many Swiss brands to imitate the color changes experienced by the representative plate over time in 1960-from crisp white to beige. This kind of “false aging” is not needed, and is detrimental to the integrity of the design. Hope this is a design trend that will not last.

The bottom cover is made of sapphire crystal, showing what we think will be used to represent the newly designed rotor of the 2020 series. Just like the 50th anniversary collection of Monaco, these watches are marked as “one of 1860” rather than a limited edition that is individually numbered like most collectors, we prefer to use a separate number, even if its workload and cost high.

Overall, the design of the new Carrera is perfect-if it is a faithful reprint of the original design and it is flawless, how is it possible? Even considering our comment on light brown, this is perhaps the most perfect replica of the historic TAG Heuer since Silverstone Calibre 11 Re-edition in 2010.

TAG Heuer CARRERA 160 Silver Limited Edition REF. CBK221B

The 2020 Tag Heuer Carrera 160 Years Silver Heuer 02 is a limited edition watch. Although it is still a limited edition, it is nice to see that there are relatively many works available, at least compared with the 100th edition of the Monaco 50th Anniversary of 2019.