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Greubel Forsey’s double tourbillon technology will let you fly

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Greubel Forsey swiss is one of the very rare varieties of watch brands. In 2004, Stephen Forsey and Robert Greubel founded Greubel Forsey. In the past ten years, Greubel Forsey has been committed to creating high-level watchmaking works to demonstrate the excellence of craftsmanship. Their special focus on the tourbillon escapement system opened new doors for innovation.

The tourbillon aims to improve the overall efficiency of the mechanical timepiece by eliminating the effect of gravity on the watch. Greubel Forsey innovated the tourbillon escapement by: 1) tilting the escapement at a 30-degree angle; 2) placing one tourbillon inside the other escapement, hence the name For the “dual escapement”. The theory is that a tilted one-billionth planet will further reduce the error caused by gravity. effective.

Since then, the brand has been manufacturing new watches and new inventions, and these new watches and new inventions have been expanding the scope of the watchmaking industry. The Double Tourbillon 30 Technique BiColor platinum platinum ADLC titanium side plate-retail price of more than one million US dollars-is one of the watches that will surprise you.

The movement is crafted from a hand-wound mechanical masterpiece, limited edition platinum, and engraved with black ADLC titanium dial, and has a patented tourbillon movement GF02. This double tourbillon escapement has an angle of 30 degrees and provides an external tourbillon 4-minute rotation indicator, an internal tourbillon 60-second display, a power reserve indicator (120 hours), a small seconds hand, and hours and minutes .

The two tourbillon cages consist of 132 parts. The entire movement can hold 385 individual parts and 43 hemispherical jewels, and is placed in a gold case. With four coaxial barrels rotating in series, the watch can achieve a power reserve of 120 hours-one of which is equipped with a sliding spring to avoid excessive tension. This watch is also equipped with a freely hanging variable inertial balance wheel and many other complex functions that may surprise you.

The watch is made of platinum or 18 carat rose gold, and is equipped with sapphire crystal and a back cover to shopping cheap watch the exquisite movement. Believe us, this is a watch brand that you must see and believe.