News: URWERK UR-100 Gold Edition. The first work that will confront COVID-19.

This new work is the fourth episode in the UR-100 legend and tells the adventures of the atypical timing tool written, produced and directed by Urwerk. The UR-100 Gold Edition breaks the boundaries of technology, design, instruction and function. First and foremost, the UR-100 Gold Edition is very slim and suitable for satellite gear watches with beveled profiles. It is an elongated octagon with three notched sides. The table uses subtle asymmetry, drawing on the clues of Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon. This UR-100 is cut from a solid block made of 2N gold, and its surface is satin-finished, with the same light luster as the “Star Wars” robot. On the top cover are sapphire crystal bubbles, reminiscent of the shape of the first Urwerk models.

Martin Frei, the co-founder of Urwerk, explained: “Since Urwerk was born, science fiction has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration.” “I have been a science fiction wizard since I was a kid. My father was an engineer and worked in Incredible projects, including the Apollo lunar rover. He is my hero and made me lose his love of the universe and dreams. “

The UR-100’s astrophysics controls the Urwerk replica universe by rotating satellites showing hours and minutes. The isochronous rotation produced a miniature cosmic ballet. When hour satellites crossed 120 degrees on a bright green scale, they also displayed minutes. The bold red arrow indicates the intersection of hours and minutes, providing a unique, clear, easy-to-read and intuitive time display.

After each of the three red minute arrows passed the number 60, they disappeared and then reappeared on two separate kilometers scales. The first display at 9 o’clock marks 555 kilometers of the earth traveling along the equator for 20 minutes, and the second display at 3 o’clock indicates the distance of the earth’s revolution around the sun -35,740 kilometers. Over 20 minutes. Time and space have never been better. Einstein will be proud of this. The 2N gold case has a width of 41 mm, a length of 49.7 mm, and a thickness of 14 mm.

Even when operating at low speeds, the automatic winding system will not be overloaded due to Windfänger’s adjustment of the swing quality. The planetary gear limits the rotation speed of the rotor, thereby minimizing excessive winding and wear, and maximizing reliability and service life. The heart beat of the Urwerk UR-100 gold version is the UR 12.01 self-winding movement. This 39 jewel movement beats at a frequency of 28,800 vph and provides a 48-hour power reserve when fully tightened. The movement is fully visible through the back cover of the display cabinet.

The UR-100 Gold Edition is carefully assembled from high-precision components in Geneva. Just as cute golden robots have consolidated their positions in the collective imagination of science fiction enthusiasts, Urwerk’s golden UR-100 has created its own niche market in the hearts of scientific watch enthusiasts.

“The Urwerk team does not have doctors, nurses, cleaners, or even delivery staff. We are just craftsmen, realizing the fake watches we dream of making. Therefore, in order to participate in the fight against COVID-19, Urwerk will auction first on the Urwerk website Gold UR-100, and distribute all the funds raised to the organization that fights the COVID-19 pandemic.

The auction will begin on Friday, May 8, 2020 at 4 pm Geneva time and will last for two days.

Urwerk will work with the winning bidder of the number one UR-100 gold version “Fight C-19” to choose the organization that will fight COVID-19, which will benefit from the sale of the new timepiece.