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Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron tourbillon NEW Watch

Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron tourbillon encapsulates a working W16 engine

Last year we saw Jacob and the company fighting for an impressive collaboration with the super car royalty Bugatti. Now, the first ultra-high-end, fully customized Jacob & Co. watch made in collaboration with Bugatti made its debut: Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon. This is what you expect: an extremely complex watch equipped with another iconic automatic movement from Jacob & Co. This time the built-in micro W16 engine is functioning normally, imitating the 16-cylinder engine that propels the Bugatti Chiron.

Chasing the chaser, the star of Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon is its incredible JCAM37 movement. It consists of 578 parts and 51 jewels and measures 41.7 x 36 mm-movement, not the case. Its features include a traditional hour and minute display, a one-minute tourbillon tilted 30 degrees to the wearer, a sapphire W16 engine block and animations that are played on demand, a piston and crankshaft flying around, and a power reserve indicator at the 8 position. The hollow barrel at 3 o’clock is not a power reserve indicator, but it can make you notice the tension left in the barrel for animation.

The JCAM37 movement hangs at all four corners, and the Bugatti Chiron tourbillon joins some of the watches with a “floating” movement. (TAG Heuer Monaco Twenty-Four in 2009, the Glashütte Original Sport Evolution Impact and the replica Richard Mille RM 27 series surfaced.) Of course, the most complicated of these are the Jacob & Co. and Richard Mille solutions. . As for the Bugatti Chiron tourbillon, the entire movement resonates on its suspension, while the three connected crown rods remain stationary, which forced Jacob & Co. to develop and obtain a patent for a car-inspired lateral system, thus avoiding The crown column was broken due to the movement of the movement.

There are three stems on the back of the case: left setting time (if you really care), central winding movement (clockwise) and animation (counterclockwise). The right stem acts as a pusher to start the animation.

The animation lasts about 20 seconds, can be used 3 times, and then rewinds to require a dedicated spring. This is a standard operation of an animation function with such a huge energy demand. In order to give you an understanding of energy consumption, although the barrel of the same size can power the watch for 2-3 days, the pressure of the W16 engine makes it take about one minute.

I hope Jacob & Co. can share more technical images and opinions about the sapphire engine block and its internal pistons. Real car enthusiasts-at least some of Bugatti’s customers-will appreciate the crankshaft in the engine block, which is made of a single solid stainless steel. When the pusher on the back of the chassis is pressed, the animated special barrel starts to rotate at an accelerated speed, driving the crankshaft through a series of gears, which in turn drives 16 pistons to move up and down in perfect rhythm and geometry.

Jacob & Co. said that the flying tourbillon on the front is a clean design, unlike all previous tourbillons. Although it is not a multi-axis version like many other large complex functional parts, it is mounted and driven at an angle of 30 ° to provide a better viewing effect when the watch is worn on the wrist; according to Greubel Forsey, a pioneer of tilting the tourbillon It is said that compared with the same plane tourbillon, it can achieve excellent timing performance.

The far end of the case mimics the front grille design of the Bugatti Chiron, with the iconic horseshoe grille and white-red Bugatti logo. Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron tourbillon case size is 54 x 44 x 20 mm, made of titanium alloy, with a black DLC coating, waterproof to 3 bar. Bugatti Chiron’s downpour is better than a watch made with its honor-but it’s all good.

Jacob & Co. fake quickly completed this amazing feat: it said: “almost a full year of development” has entered the Bugatti Chiron tourbillon. Sometimes we think that major brands can spend a lot of time choosing new dial colors, but assembling 578 components in the correct order to create a W16 engine for the wrist is undoubtedly a feat.