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Luxury Breitling Cockpit B50

Breitling No. 3 20th Anniversary Breitling Cockpit B50

Most of our readers may remember that on March 21, 1999, Brian Jones and Bertrand Piccard successfully landed the hot-air balloon in the desert region of Egypt. They completed the miracle of traveling around the world.

Therefore, Breitling presented the “Cockpit B50 Orbiter Limited Edition” at the Basel International best replica Watch & Jewellery Show. The Breitling Orbiter 3 213 movement is manufactured to symbolize the date of landing (21/3). Its orange dial is on a rubber strap of the same color. The SuperQuartz ™ movement is ten times more accurate than a standard quartz movement.

Orbiter 3 is the ultimate adventurer’s replica luxury watch. Some of its features include: analog and digital display movement, time division, anti-flying and use of UTC (World Standard Time) to provide better performance in multiple time zones.