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Richard Miller Raphael Nadal Watching

Richard Mille Rafael Nadal watches have always received due publicity and attention in print and electronic media.


Both Sports Channel and Paparazzi began sharing news stories around the $ 100,000 watch Nadal wore during the game. After all, it’s a novelty to see a tennis champion wearing such an expensive watch in such a high-impact sport!

It can be said that Richard Mille is lucky to have the winner. Most athletes sponsored by other brands can only use official watches to pose for the trophy after the competition is complete. And Richard Mille’s ambassador put their timepieces to the test in the best way to ease their discomfort.

These extraordinary watches are not just timers for trophy winners. In fact, sports ambassadors like Nadal are real crash tests for watches. Other world champion testimonials even confirm that these timepieces are able to withstand the vibrations of the steering wheel inside Formula One cars and the effects of the gravity of golfers’ swings.

Take Richard Mille of Rafa as an example. The brand hopes to make a tourbillon that can withstand the hammer and impact of tennis matches, but weighs no more than 20 grams. So the weight does not interfere with the player’s wrist movements.

Ingenious Richard Mille asked his ambassador to wear a watch during the show. As a result, the company continues to make watches that absorb shock, weather resistance and wear resistance. Rafael Nadal has nothing to do with the world of luxury watches. He has proudly worn Richard Mille watches since 2010.


Here are the recent popularity of Richard Mille Rafael Nadal watches in the media:

  1. Orange Strap RM27-03 at French Open 2018
    Nadal won the 11th French Open title in 2018, and one of the events in the show caught the attention of his most luxurious device, his beautiful orange clock.

In the last game, his left hand began to cramp, for which he immediately received physical therapy. After that, he continued to massage his hands for a few minutes, when the tennis court camera began to frequently zoom in on his hands and orange watch.

According to Forbes, the Spanish tennis star’s watch is worth $ 725,000. However, this is still below the price of the Richard Mille watch he wore during the 2015 French Open.

The brand produced only 50 pieces of RM27-03. The most impressive feature of this timepiece is its lightweight and resilient structure-it can withstand 5,000 G of gravity.

  1. 2017 US Open, white strap RM27-03
    During the US Open, he also saw this famous tennis player wearing Richard Mille RM27-03. However, tennis champion and brand ambassador Alexander Zverev also wore around $ 700,000 in the 2017 men’s singles championship. Although many tennis players are the face of many watch brands, they usually do not wear watches during the game. However, Nadal and Zverev are exceptions to the code. In 2017, Richard Mille’s timepieces worth nearly $ 1.5 million on the wrists of the two champions were active on the tennis court.
  2. 2016 US Open Tourbillon RM 27-02
    Nadal was also found wearing the RM 27-02 tourbillon at the 2016 US Open. Every time the game, the watch kept entering the new stadium on his wrist. The RM 27-02 uses a watch case made of NTPT® carbon fiber and Quartz TPT®. These breakthrough ultralight materials were developed by the brand in conjunction with North Thin Ply Technology. Quartz TPT contains more than 600 layers of filaments derived from silicone wire. Each 45-micron layer is saturated with a resin made specifically for this purpose and placed between the NTPT carbon layers.
  3. Tourbillon RM 27-02 at the French Open 2015
    RM 27-02 was also brought to the tennis court with Nadal in 2015. This watch is a special edition, also known as Rafael Nadal Limited Edition. Wrist watches have made headlines for many news reports as far back as 2015, and have gained popularity.
  4. RM27-01 at SIHH 2013
    This unique style was designed in 2013 for Rafael Nadal to wear during the game. Mille was inspired by the impact of tennis. This watch is a rework of the original RM 027, and it was also specially designed for Rafael Nadal in 2010.
  5. RM 027 in 2010
    In 2010, Nadal started wearing RM 027 2010. At that time, Nadal’s stories were everywhere in the media. There are two reasons for this hype:

1) For tennis players, it is very unusual and uncommon to wear a clock in a game. It is considered a ridiculous idea to wear timepieces where high performance and speed are required. People even see people take off their watches just to type. But, according to Nadal, it’s like wearing nothing, just like the watch is part of his skin.

2) Timepieces are very expensive! The RM 027 adopts the classic Richard Mille barrel-shaped case shape, with a width of less than 40mm and a strap weighing less than 4 gm. There are complicated mechanical movements inside the watch, and the tourbillon is complicated. The watch also has other decorative features that make it weigh less than 20 grams.

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Interesting facts about Richard Miller Raphael Nadal watches

According to tennis writer Perrotta, Nadal lost two RM watches. Apparently, the watch was stolen. However, one of them was later recovered. When another player found a third ball in the locker room, he almost lost.

in short
The idea of ​​making this beautiful timepiece was to bring the tourbillon into the arena, allowing it to withstand several hours of impact on the clay court. This watch can withstand the impact of hundreds of G, while maintaining ultra-lightweight and completely comfortable feeling, this is the real challenge of the tourbillon movement.

From 2010 to 2018, Richard Mille has been improving the original RM 027 to adapt to changing technology. These groundbreaking ultimate sports timepieces-endorsed by renowned athletes such as Rafael Nadal-have changed the way we think about watches here. The fact that the clock can be worn all the time and that it can withstand strong vibrations and gravity gives the brand a high reputation on the street.

Richard Mille watches are in great demand, but their production is small. Even if they don’t have the specific model you want, they will most likely offer you a watch.